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DevOps Foundation
   1985 Users

With the increase in demand for professionals having knowledge of both developmental and operational sections of software development, DevOps has become a prized tool to fulfill this need. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to build a career in this direction. High demand, High compensation structure and vast scope are just a few of the benefits that come along with being a DevOps professional. 

Dual Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt
   3425 Users

The Lean and Six Sigma methodologies assist to improve the performance of professionals and organizations by minimizing variances. The Dual Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt (LSSGB & LSSBB) is a professional who is well versed in the Lean and Six Sigma methodology and is well equipped to lead complex projects. The Certification Planner’s Dual LSSGB & BB certification course is designed to offer advanced knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in the most optimal method. 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSSYB)
   1863 Users

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is designed for professionals seeking to grow a career in quality management industry. Our LSS Yellow Belt certification program is designed to offer the fundamental knowledge to assist and support Lean and Six Sigma projects and help the organization achieve its objectives.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB)
   3429 Users

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) Certification is a globally recognized certification for quality management and is the third level in the Lean Six Sigma Master program. LSS black belt holder has a thorough understanding of all the aspects of DMAIC, can demonstrate team leadership, understand team dynamics and effectively coordinate with other team members to systematically uplift project and product quality. 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB)
   5636 Users

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) Certification, a globally recognized certification for quality management is the second level in the Lean Six Sigma Master program.

LSS Green Belt inducts the individuals to the tools and methodologies of DMIAC. The course is for professionals working in quality improvement team or with the LSS Black Belt certified professionals. LSS Green belt aims at developing efficient team players who act as the link between Lean Six Sigma principles and the practical applications of these principles

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
   1769 Users

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is designed for anyone who is working or intends to build a career in Project management. (CAPM)® makes you stand out from the general crowd by fortifying your learnings and validating your knowledge in project management spectrum.

ITIL Foundation
   3792 Users

ITIL has turned out to be the most popular certification for IT service management. With the exponential spanning of business diversity, providing relevant and prime IT services has become challenging. This has inherently lead to growth in the number of people who want to explore the minutes of IT service management. The Foundation will introduce you to the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in the ITIL(R) service lifecycle.

Project Management Professional (PMP)
   5478 Users

Project management professional is the most prestigious and sought-after certification in Project management Spectrum.

With 833,025 certified Project Management Professions, you can find PMP certified professions driving projects in various sectors and domains. With its relevance in every industry, region, and domain, PMP has evolved into a true global stature.

Dual Lean Six Sigma Yellow And Green Belt
   1965 users Users

The Dual Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt training are designed for professionals seeking to grow a career in quality management industry. Our Dual LSS Yellow and Green Belt certification program are designed to offer the fundamental knowledge to assist and support Lean and Six Sigma projects and help the organization achieve its objectives through an optimized learning process. This dual certification program is suitable for anyone who serves as a team member in a quality improvement project led by a Certified Black Belt or responsible to manage small projects. With dual LSSYB and LSSGB, participants will get knowledge of the Lean and Six Sigma methodology, a data-driven cycle that follows the DMAIC process.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
   2965 users Users

Agile methodologies have recently created a lot of buzz for all good reasons. If you're experienced using agile approaches, have good collaborative skills, eagerly embrace complexity and thrive on rapid response times, then your talents are in demand.

PMI_ACP is designed for anyone who is working in an agile team or is employed with an organization adopting agile practices.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
   1425 Users

CP’s Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) course is aligned to Body of Knowledge®(BABOK®) and explains the six knowledge areas defined in BABOK® Guide, and recognizing the techniques and tools which are a part of a Business Analyst's toolkit. This business analysis course has been designed to assist individuals to gain new skills and expertise in effective planning, the creation of business solutions and advanced documentation.

ITIL Practitioner
   1263 Users

ITIL® Practitioner is the second phase in the ITIL suit and is a very practical course aimed at offering guidance on adapting and adopting the ITIL framework to support your organization’s objectives. The ITIL Practitioner course enables individuals to not only speak the same language but decode ITIL language and use it in everyday work.   ITIL Practitioner covers three key areas for the success of any improvement initiatives, including communication, organizational change management, and measurement and metrics along with the Continual service improvement approach as a way to structure any improvement.  The ITIL Practitioner certification exam can be taken at any level in the ITIL certification scheme after ITIL Foundation.

Data Scientist with R Language
   1654 Users

With the data boom, new challenges arose with the analysis of data. Traditional methods were not efficient enough to deal with huge data. Data Science proved to be the sauce in this case. Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data. R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing.  

Data Science with Python
   1425 Users

Data science is the process of finding the relevant pattern in huge data sets. With the data boom, analysis of data became a challenge. Traditional data analysis techniques were not efficient enough to provide real-time analysis. Python is a powerful tool that makes data analysis more efficient and effective. Python has proved to be powerful, fast, friendly, open, and easy to learn.

ITIL Service Strategy
   1580 Users

ITIL® Intermediate Service Strategy (SS) training covers the risks and success factors of IT services to ensure that participants can pass ITIL Intermediate SS Certification exam in the very first attempt. The ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy Certificate is a free-standing qualification. The ITIL SS certification is a part of the ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle stream, which is one of the modules leading to the ITIL Expert Certificate. 

ITIL Service Design
   1820 Users

The ITIL® Intermediate Service Design (SD) is one of the intermediate certifications in the ITIL suit. The ITIL Intermediate Qualification Service Design Certificate endorses and enhances the candidate's knowledge in IT processes, services and other elements of IT service management. The ITIL Intermediate Service Design Certification focuses on the design of IT services, processes, covering the architectures, documentation, and policies. The ITIL Intermediate SD Certification Training enables participants to design services to meet the needs of the organization. The courseware has been approved by AXELOS and includes test papers.

ITIL Service Transition
   1425 Users

The ITIL® Intermediate Service Transition is the next level within the ITIL® Service Lifecycle category after ITIL® Intermediate Service Design (SD). With ITIL Intermediate ST Certification Training, the candidates can enhance their knowledge of practice components, process elements and management techniques to design, implement and test products and services.  

ITIL Service Operation
   1654 Users

The ITIL® Intermediate Service Operation (SO) is one of the levels within the ITIL® Service Lifecycle category. The module basically focuses on enabling the candidate in managing how their products and service perform in real time by focussing on the influencing principles, process, operational activities, and functions. 

ITIL Continual Service Improvement
   1425 Users

The major objective of ITIL® Intermediate CSI is to equip candidate with appropriate tools to meet the changing needs of the clients along with executing the iterative improvement process. The CSI certification focuses on how organizations and individuals can strategically review the products and services they have produced following the strategy, design, transition, and operation stages of the IT Service Lifecycle and offers guidance on how this process should be organized and executed.

Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)
   1425 Users

ITIL® Intermediate Operational Support & Analysis is a freestanding qualification within the ITIL® Service Capability work stream. OSA focuses on enabling events, incident, request, problem, access, techniques and IT operations by the application of OSA practices.

Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO)
   1425 Users

The ITIL Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO) course is one of the qualifications in the ITIL® Service Capability work stream. This module of ITIL Intermediate training focuses on the practical application of PPO methodologies in order to enable capacity, information security, IT service continuity, availability and demand management. The purpose of the ITIL Intermediate PPO Certification Online training is to test, impart and validate the understanding of industry practices in IT Service Management as mentioned in the ITIL Service Lifecycle core publications. Certification Planner's ITIL PPO foundation training help individuals to prepare for the ITIL® Intermediate PPO certification exam.

Release, Control and Validation (RCV)
   1654 Users

Certification Planner's ITIL® Intermediate Release, Control & Validation (RCV) training, and certification provide an in-depth understanding of IT Service Management. ITIL Intermediate Release, Control, and Validation Certification is part of the ITIL® Intermediate Capability stream. This free-standing qualification validates, impart and test the understanding of the industry practices in IT Service Management as documented in the ITIL® core publications. Our ITIL Intermediate RCV Certification Online Training enables participants to apply Release, Control and Validation (RCV) for successful planning, implementation and testing of new services meeting business and user needs.

Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA)
   1654 Users

The ITIL® Intermediate Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA) is one of the qualifications within the ITIL® Capability work stream. The ITIL Intermediate SOA Certification course enables individuals and organizations to discover how the five levels of the ITIL lifecycle (Service Strategy (SS), Service Design (SD), Service Transition (ST), Service Operation (SO) and Continual Service Improvement (CSI)) add value to projects and firms.

ITIL Managing Across The Lifecycle (MALC)
   1654 Users

The ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) certification validates your knowledge of the key content topics such as management purposes, functions, and objectives of ITIL publication. The Certification Planner’s ITIL MALC expert training helps to understand the management aspects of the IT Service Lifecycle and leads to the ITIL Expert in IT Service and Architecture Management. Our courseware for ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certificate is accredited by AXELOS. This course helps in understanding the management characteristics of the Service Lifecycle and thus, acts as a pre-requisite to ITIL Expert in IT Service Management. This course is accredited by AXELOS.

Program Management Professional (PgMP)
   1580 Users

Program management is the process of managing various projects, mostly linked, to improve the overall performance of the organization. A program manager will have the overview and objectives of various projects in a program and can make use of the same to make program level adjustments so that the final goals are achieved.

Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)®
   1425 Users

According to the Pulse of the Profession® research, inaccurate requirement gathering ranks in the top three causes of project failure. With the organizations realizing this pitfall, the demand for business analysis is on the rise. 

If you work with project teams and manage requirements or product development, or if you're a project or program manager who performs business analysis in your role, then the PMI-PBA certification is the right choice for you. 


PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)
   1820 Users

With your propelled aptitudes in risk management, you play out a specific capacity sensitive to the project environment that is progressively worldwide, virtual and complex. The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® features your capacity to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities.

PMI-RMP is specifically designed for individuals working in risk management spectrum or project managers focused on project risk management.

DevOps Leader
   1654 Users

With the expanding competition, organizations need the means to develop and deliver products at a much higher pace than the earlier standards. A solution to this has emerged in the face of DevOps

DevOps has the potential to change the world of software development by ensuring faster delivery of quality products to the consumer. The DevOps Leader certification course is specifically designed for professionals who understand the importance of DevOps in the project lifecycle. The DevOps Leader certification validates your knowledge of DevOps tools, methods, and practices.

Salesforce Administrator and App Builder
   1425 Users

Big Data and Hadoop Administrator
   1654 Users

Big data is a huge data set that might be structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Big data has become omnipresent and is present in almost every business setup. The Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification program extend extensive knowledge on Hadoop planning, configuration, monitoring, and cluster maintenance task. The certification course aims to equip the candidate with all the desired skills to execute and administer the next Big data assignment. 

Big Data and Hadoop Developer
   1820 Users

Big Data & Hadoop Developer certification inducts you to various Hadoop ecosystem like Hadoop 2.7, Yarn, MapReduce, Impala, Pig etc. The training course also covers Hadoop framework. Learn to process large datasets stored in the HDFS system using Impala, Hive, Pig etc. Gain confidence to handle Hadoop methodologies and execute and handle any problem in Hadoop with real-time Projects. 

Certified Information System Security Professional(CISSP)
   1654 Users

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is recognized as the gold standard in the information security industry. The CISSP certification validates your ability to effectively plan, design, implement and manage the top cybersecurity program. Most IT security jobs prefer or require a CISSP certification, so get started with CISSP training to explore global opportunities.

Certified Information Security Auditor(CISA)
   1580 Users

Certified Information Systems Auditor® (CISA®) is a widely recognized certification for IT audit professionals and validates their knowledge and experience in the fields of audit, security, and control of information systems. The CISA certification course will offer you the required skillsets to control and manage IT security systems and perform an effective audit on the organization.

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies 5 Foundation
   1425 Users

With the world spending billions on information security, the opportunities are vast, but so is the competition. The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT®) 5 course sets you apart from the rest by endorsing your knowledge. COBIT® 5 course offers an understanding of the COBIT 5 framework for governing and managing IT environments. COBIT 5 training program provides a detail business perspective for IT governance and reproduces the role of IT in creating value for the organization. 


Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®)
   1425 Users

The Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) designation is a professional certification for business analysis practitioners who want to be recognized for their expertise and skills in communicating with stakeholders, to design holistic business processes by identifying and analyzing opportunities for better business outcomes. With a minimum of 3750 hours of hands-on business analysis experience or structured learning, you can develop essential BA skills to provide direction to project through progressive business analysis.

Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)
   1580 Users

The Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) training provides an extensive overview of the Scrum framework for agile project management. With the training, you will get exposure to the Scrum lifecycle, how to organize a scrum team and set up a project and gain an understanding of teams roles, events, artifacts, and rules.

As a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®), you’ll help the Scrum Team perform at their highest level. CSMs also protect the team from both internal and external distractions.

Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®)
   1580 Users

If you’re someone who is comfortable with the “business side” of projects, you are probably the right person to aim for a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) certification. While the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) helps the Scrum Team work together to learn and implement Scrum, as CSPO, you create a product vision, order the product backlog, and make sure the best possible job is done to delight the customer.

Prince 2 Foundation
   1820 Users

PRINCE2 accreditation is a de-facto process-based method of project management and stands out amongst the most prominent project management certifications generally perceived in the UK and universally 

PRINCE2 provides benefits to the managers and directors of a project and to an organization, through the controllable use of resources and the ability to manage business and project risk more effectively.

Prince 2 Practitioner
   1820 Users

Prince 2 Practitioner certification is the second level in Prince 2 suit and aims at making you an expert at Project management. Prince 2 is a structured project management approach and emphasizes on dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages. 

Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner
   1187 Users

PRINCE 2 Foundation and practitioner is one of the most prestigious certifications in project management spectrum with its base being derived from developing an effective and practice-driven environment in Project management. The course also derives importance from the fact that PRINCE 2 foundation and practitioner is universal in nature with its principles being flexible enough to support implementation during projects of various size, industry sector, geographic location or culture.

Apache Casandra
   1580 Users

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, 2nd generation distributed No SQL database with high scalability and availability factors associated with it, especially when dealing with large data. The Apache Cassandra certification will enhance your expertise with the high-volume Cassandra database management system as an element of the Big Data framework. The course elaborates on Cassandra features, concepts, data model and architecture along with the installation, configuration, and monitoring actions.

   1580 Users

The Impala is an Open Source SQL Engine for Hadoop and a perfect bundle for experts who need to pick up comprehension of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) SQL inquiry that deals with Apache Hadoop. With CP’s Impala training program you will learn major concepts like Data Storage, File Format and Querying with Hive and Impala.

Apache Spark and Scala
   1580 Users

Apache Spark is an open-source distributed general-purpose cluster-computing framework. Originally developed in Berkeley's AMPLab, Spark supports both iterative algorithms and interactive data analysis.

Scala is a general-purpose programming language that supports functional programming with its strong point in flexibility.

Advance Search Engine Optimization
   1580 Users

Marketing strategies have always connected customers to the best solutions. In the current setup of internet dominance, marketing strategies have long crossed the traditional methods like cold calling. Marketing teams are excessively making use of Social media and other digital outlets to market their products. With the number of people going online, increasing by 5% every year, Digital marketing has already become a popular marketing practice. 

Advance Social Media Optimization
   1820 Users

Over 3.03 billion people are using some or the other social media making social media one of the biggest touchpoint to people. Marketing on social media website is not a very new concept and has been in practice from the inception of social media trends. However, with almost all the organizations trying to connect with customers over social media, several strategies have come up to optimize social media reach or organizations. 

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
   1580 Users

Marketing received a complete makeover with the advent of digital outposts. What made digital marketing a grand success was its ability to reach a huge number of people at a nominal cost. With almost every business unit investing directly in digital marketing, it goes without saying that an experty in digital marketing is well rewarded.

Certified Information Security Manager(CISM)
   1425 Users

CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) is a key certification for information security professionals. The course is basically designed for professionals managing, designing, overseeing and assessing enterprise information security. This certification course is aligned with ISACA best practices and assures best in the line practice which will enable you to define and design enterprise security architecture, achieve IT compliance and governance, deliver reliable service to customers and understand how IT security systems can contribute to broader business goals and objectives.

Salesforce App Builder
   1425 Users

Salesforce is now ranked as the 7th most rewarding and in-demand IT skill. CP's Salesforce App builder certification gives an extensive insight into Salesforce structure Business process with Standard Objects, Security Settings, UI with Business Logic and much more.

Salesforce Administrator
   1425 Users

Salesforce is one of the most powerful and famous cloud-based CRM. Ranked among the top 10 most rewarding IT skills, being an expert in Salesforce comes with multiple benefits.

Lean Management
   746 Users

The course aims at providing extensive information about various lean principles, tools, and methodologies. The objective to enable professionals to optimize processes and create more value in business by systematic removal of waste and continual improvement. 

With quality being an omnipotent factor, the demand for certified Lean Management professionals is on high. With the standard of 3.5 defects per million, Lean methodologies come as a prominent answer to quality management issues. 

Machine Learning
   1580 Users

Machine learning is the application of AI where the system learns from the provided data and decides on further actions without any explicit programming. CP's Machine Learning course provides an insight into machine learning techniques, data processing, regression, clustering and much more.

Blockchain Certification
   1425 Users

A blockchain is a time-stamped series of record of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity. There is no central authority and the information in it is open for anyone and everyone to see. Get exposure to the structure and structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms along with minutes of contract development for Blockchain environment.

AWS Solution Architecture
   1654 Users

Cloud Computing has long crossed the line of being a comfort and has become an absolute necessity from major sectors and organization. Cloud Computing is the process of using a network of remote servers hosted over the internet to store and manage data. If you are a professional aspiring to build a career in cloud computing, there is no better alternative than AWS. 

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)
   1425 Users

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines, and CP’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional certification will increase your value in the industry and prepare you to pursue a career in the digital marketing field. With CP’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional, you will learn about market analysis, strategy and content strategy development along with an understanding of search and social media marketing, email marketing. Our in-depth courseware designed with expert instructor offers you the necessary skills to plan and release successful marketing campaigns

Business Case Writing Training
   3425 Users

A business case can be described as a written argument justifying why the project should be taken up and why the project plan is the best fir route to achieving the business objective. In the real sense, it serves as the starting point of any project and the project might get incapacitated in the absence of a well-drafted business case.

ITIL 4 Foundation
   45 Users

With the inclusion of several ITSM tools and methodologies like ITIL Service-Value-System along with concepts from other leading frameworks, ITIL4 provides a holistic way of managing Information Technology to support the diverse business scenarios.

7 Reasons of Change Management

Seven Reasons of Change Management is a checklist of important points that need to be considered while raising a change request. This compiled list of 7 Reasons helps to minimize change rejection at the point of change logging. 

Difficulties in Adapting Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the trending topics in today’s digital world. It is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in which the software gives you the ability to learn based on data. For instance, you must have noticed how YouTube, Amazon and many other online platforms recommend similar products or videos you should check out.Those recommendations are based on your previous actions. Nowadays, everyone is looking to incorporate machine learning into their business.

How to Handle Competition within Your Team?

We have all heard that “life isn’t a competition”, but do we actually believe that? At every stage of life, we face competition, whether in personal life or professional life. Competition in the workplace is unavoidable, and in fact, it’s valuable. An associate professor at the Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences, Bradley J. Brummel said, "To get individually rewarded and to achieve a promotion or success in career, a healthy competition is very important."

Don't Let Technology Surpass you - Stay Ahead of the Competition

Things have changed so much over the years. Earlier, people used to visit restaurants to catch up with friends and enjoy the food. But nowadays, technology has changed many things, including human. Even when we are sitting with our loved once, we keep checking our phones because somewhere technology has overtaken our emotions.

Be the Boss of Robots with Your Updated Skills

Robots have become an integral part of every field. Many hardware stores have robots as customer guides, few Chinese restaurants have robotic waiters. Japan has the world’s first farm that runs entirely by robots and harvests 30,000 lettuce heads every day. In Germany, robots manufacture thousands of running shoes each day. With this, we can see how robots are overtaking the human workforce in any industry and are affecting the workplace and the economy. After all, the robotics is an inseparable part of our lives.

Veteran - A Perfect Project Manager

In the military, individuals stay busy with some or the other actions from training to maintenance, and planning is most important part of all this. The military decision-making process follows different frameworks such as MCPP (The Marine Corps Planning Process), SMEAC (Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Command), etc.

Why Six Sigma is Important for an Organization

Lean and Six Sigma is valuable for every organization because it creates an environment of improvement, increased productivity and efficiency in a business looking for improvement. LSS gives everyone an opportunity to make improvements to traditional processes and apply updated skills.

Important Dates and Updates for PMP Exam

In the mid of September 2017, the PMBOK Guide 6th edition was released by PMI. The Guide has been revised considering the latest trends and practices in the Project Management. Not only this, but we can witness the inclusion of Agile in all processes of the PMBOK Guide and these changes will definitely impact on PMI’s certification exams. We all were waiting for the confirmation from the PMI on the change in PMP exam and here we have a date March 26th, 2018. PMI also confirmed that the experts from all around the world are working on setting questions to ensure the PMP certification remains relevant to current practice.

Highlights from Newly Launched PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

The 6th edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide is released this month and we all are curious to know what changes have been made in the guide. The inclusion of the Agile concepts is the major addition and it will bring significant changes in PMI certification courses like PMP, CAPM and PMI-ACP. Soon, we can expect the changes in the exam prep materials, exam format and training style too.

Changes to be expected with the launch of PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition

To support the broadening spectrum of project delivery approaches, PMI is offering a Sixth Edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide. PMI also collaborated with the Agile Alliance to launch a new Agile Practice Guide that will offer a complete understanding of Agile practices. The new edition of PMBOK® Guide contains information about agile; whereas the Agile Practice Guide serves as a bridge between waterfall model and agile.

How to get the PMP Certification in just 9 Steps

Project Management Professional (PMP) is globally recognized certification for Project Management and the Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the governing body of this certification. Till 2017, there are around 730,000 PMP certified professionals across the world. If you are also looking to become certified Project Management Professional, follow the below steps to learn how to get PMP certification:

Check Your Eligibility for PMP Exam

Is your role in your organization includes lots of project management work, but you don’t hold a title of Project Manager? Do you have years of experience in managing project as a part of your organization? If you are in either of the conditions or any similar situation, you might also wonder how you can elect to take the PMI's PMP® Exam. To gain the title of Project Manager, getting PMP certified is mandatory as many organizations prefer to hire certified professional for the role of PM. Finding out your eligibility to take the PMP exam is on your to-do list, follow the below 4-steps.

Reasons to Get PMI-ACP Certified

In today’s digital world, Agile becomes the best way to work. There are numerous training providers offer short term as well as long-term certification courses, which makes it difficult for aspirants to select the best-suited certification for them. Agile certification is trending nowadays and the release of the PMBOK Guide 6th edition will bring Agile to Project Management as well. Getting Agile certified by PMI worth, here are some reasons that prove PMI-ACP worth your time and money:

PMP/CAPM Certification - Before or After Releasing the PMBOK Guide V6?

The PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition is bringing a huge revolution by changing the foundation of the Project Management profession. The release of the PMBOK® Guide V6 with the inclusion of Agile concepts in all Knowledge Areas is the biggest change in the history of the PMBOK Guide! The PMBOK Guide 6 will make PMP®’s more qualified as they will not only use Scrum vocabulary but will utilize the core Agile practices like Progressive Elaboration, Rolling Wave Planning and Decomposition.

Importance of Agile Approach to Project Management

The traditional Waterfall approach to project management works well in more stable contexts. Several project frameworks like PRINCE2®, PMBOK® and APM BoK derive from the same approach. The waterfall frameworks make working more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Waterfall approaches are relevant where the requirements are predefined before the work begins and will not change during the life of the project.

How PMBOK Guide 6 will change your life?

The release of PMBOK Guide 6 become the talk of the town and delay in launch makes people more curious about it. Even I am waiting for the release of the PMBOK Guide 6th edition. Being associated with us, a training provider who also offers training on PMP, I always get a chance to contact people associated with PMI and PMP.

Explore the World of Agile with Agile Practice Guide

PMI and Agile Alliance collaborated to design and develop a guide that will combine agile and project management practices. The Agile Practice Guide is scheduled to be launched in September 2017 besides the PMBOK Guide 6. This guide is designed to give a greater understanding of agile practices and will offer knowledge on how agile is related to the project management community.

History and Evolutions of PMBOK Guide

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) by PMI documents best practices and standards for project management. The current version of PMBOK is considered as one of the most important exam preparation books for the PMP (Project Management Professionals) and PMI-ACP certification. Soon in the third quarter of 2017, PMBOK 6th edition is scheduled to launch. In this article, we will go through the history and evolutions of the PMBOK Guide:

Big Challenges are Waiting for PMP Aspirant in 2018

The first draft of the PMBOK Guide 6th edition was released earlier this year and the book is scheduled to be release in the third quarter of 2017. The additions made to the PMBOK Guide are going to be very significant and we can expect major changes in the new version than ever before.

Roadmap for Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI) is one of the most popular certifications across the globe. PMI® defines PMP® as an application of skills, knowledge and techniques to effectively execute projects. Thus, a project management professional certification can make any professional stand out from the crowd. The certification process of PMP can be confusing for most of us, this article will give you details of the entire process, from eligibility criteria to renewal of the credentials.

Guiding Principles for ITIL Practitioners

The ITIL Practitioner is the latest qualification included to the ITIL service lifecycle. The ITIL Practitioner certification is based upon the knowledge gained during ITIL Foundation level and offers you with the ability to recognize and deliver service improvements using a practical approach to adapting and adopting the ITIL framework. Below are the nine guiding principles of ITIL Practitioner:

How 6th Edition of PMBOK will Affect PMP Aspirants in 2017?

The PMI is about to launch the sixth edition of PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide in the third quarter of 2017. PMI keeps reviewing and updating the PMBOK® Guide to incorporate the latest trends and updates in the project management field and to avoid any errors/inconsistencies/omissions of the previous PMBOK® Guide edition. The PMP exam will also face the effects of this new version of the PMBOK guide and will witness major changes.

ITIL Newbie Commits Following Mistakes While Adopting ITIL

While stepping into IT service management, newly certified ITIL professionals are full of dynamism and vigor. However, many professionals are not aware that clearing a ITIL certification is just the first step towards the long tale journey. Adopting IT service management’s ITIL Framework requires a complete understanding of the breadth and depth of changes that might arise around organizational resources, technology and processes. Clear vision with proper business planning is important for adopting the ITIL process across the organization.

Benefits of Taking Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Lean Six Sigma pays attention on the areas where organization fails to provide required services and products. For example, in a manufacturing industry, the Lean Six Sigma tries to minimize the number of defective products produced by a company. Similarly, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is a credential used for quality improvement in any organization like manufacturing firms or process management organizations.

Importance of Release Plan in Agile

Agile practitioners utilize different agile methods to release management in the project. The major idea behind the agile project management is to achieve customer satisfaction after project delivery. The agile release plan is not complete until the project is successfully delivered to the customer. Agile teams keep following the release plan at specific intervals at the end of the iterations with the customer’s consent.

Top 7 Reasons to Take PMP Certification

The PMP Credential is a globally accepted and acknowledge professional certification for project management that certifies the professional’s experience and knowledge of project management. This PMP credential offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute) to professionals who clear in the PMP examination hosted by the PMI. There are numerous benefits of taking PMP certification, here are few of them that illustrate why one should consider getting a PMP certification:

Grab the Attention of Employers by Adding Certification in the Most Appropriate Way

You must have learned a ton from the online or classroom courses and you might have been incorporating these new skills in your work as well. But if you are looking to switch your job, the question that may strike to you is how to include an additional certification on your resume. The inappropriate inclusion of any certification can make recruiters skeptic about your resume and in some cases, make your resume worse. As a step towards understanding the interpretation of employers on the additional courses on professionals' resumes, we have consulted with several hiring managers and recruiters. Based on their views, here are some tips on how to add details of additional courses in your application:

3 Reasons to Go for PMI-ACP Certification

In the competitive job market, a little edge you retain can be counted for you. As an Agile professional who is willing to move toward project management, one such edge is the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification (PMI-ACP®).

3 Reasons Why You Should Go into Project Management

With the tech industry’s development over the years, project management is becoming an invaluable field to any firm’s success. Seasoned project managers use the latest project management methodologies to ensure that projects are proceeding in a timely manner, are well-structured and are finished within budget and time.

8 Wastes of Lean

Lean Manufacturing aims to eliminate the waste in all production areas including product design, customer relations, factory management and supplier networks.

11 Best Project Management Software

Project management software assists administrators, teams and employees to manage and achieve team goals and coordinate individual tasks. These software includes a wide range of tools to allocate resources, monitor productivity and handle workloads.

13 Commonly Used Project Management Terms

Being a project manager, you should be aware of certain terms. Read below the 13 basic yet big-picture project management terminologies that you should know to run things smoothly and on schedule.

Challenges in ITSM Adoption

One of the biggest challenges in ITSM implementation processes is resistance to change. ITSM and ITIL experts identify common challenges related to ITSM that can be summarized in the ITSM core concept of Technology, People and Process

DMAIC Approach in Lean Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma Concepts help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business performance. The statistical representation of Lean and Six Sigma defines the performance of the process.

Importance of Education Investment for Professional Growth

The relevant certification adds lots of benefits to your profile and helps to build your career path.

Data Analytics and R Programming Language

Today the term ‘Big Data’ has steadily paved its way into almost every business sector.

TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

Maintain profitability while maintaining and uplifting customer experience has always been a challenge. An answer to the problem comes in the face of Lean Six Sigma: a set of method that aims at optimizing the process and improving customer experience by systematic removal of wastes without compromising with productivity.

Reduced Time-to-Market with Agile Transition ( Case Study)

Agile has long crossed the scope of IT industry. It has found use and application in almost every business setup.

Raising Bars with CAPM Certification Course ( Case Study)

A good manager with efficient resources at his disposal can drive changes. But if the same manager has to work with unskilled resources, the result might remain unimpressive. Organizations have long passed the stage where they used to exclusively invest in training the managers only. The new industry trend is to promote even the associates to acquire certifications in advanced and in-demand subjects.

A Project Management Approach Led Process Improvement ( Case Study)

No set of processes can be absolute in a growing organization. With changes in factors like demand, resource availability, organizational growth and many more, organizations often revisit their standard processes to optimize them in accordance with the current scenario.

Optimizing Nurse Shift Change Using DMAIC Approach from Lean Six Sigma ( Case Study)

Employee has become one of the major resources in any industry today. Effective usage of employee can not only push the task needle a bit but can also result in better customer satisfaction, especially for client facing roles. I am John and I am working as an Operations Manager in a health care facility.

Adoption of ITIL Foundation to Address Issues Related to Incidents and Problems ( Case Study)

The company adopted ITIL in 2017 so that it could effectively meet the challenges thrown at it.

Project Management Professional Certification Training Course Albany

Certification Planner is conducting a 4-days in person Project Management Professional Certification in Albany, NY. Enjoy the courseware aligned with PMI guidelines, PMBOK 6th edition and fine-tuned by PMP certified instructors.

Certified Associate in Project Management Course Online in Albany

Certification Planner LLC is conducting a 4-days in-person Certified Associate in Project Management certification training in Albany.

Advantage of CAPM Course for Project Manager

CAPM, offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute), is a globally accepted and acknowledge professional certification for project management that endorses the professional’s experience and knowledge of project management.  We will be discussing the numerous benefits of taking CAPM course and illustrate why one should consider getting a CAPM certification course for Project Management:

The Mystery of Central Certifying Body of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a highly flexible certification course and is not governed by any central body. The certification can be provided by any individual who has Six Sigma Blackbelt certification, via the organization he or she works for.  The examination fee charged is also up to the discretion of the certification provider.

PMI Agile certified Practitioner

PMI-ACP®, a globally recognized and respected certification in the field of Agile project management. The certification is offered by the Project Management Institute, which is recognized as the world’s leading professional association for the program, project and portfolio management.

Dual Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt

“Why spend time and money in acquiring two separate certifications when you can learn everything under the same cap?”

5 Steps to Becoming PMP Certified

If you are a professional with the desire to take up PMP certification, here are 5 steps to becoming PMP certified professional.

Veteran- A Perfect Project Manager

In the military, individuals stay busy with some of the other actions from training to maintenance, and planning is the most important part of all this. The military decision-making process follows different frameworks such as MCPP (The Marine Corps Planning Process), SMEAC (Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration, and Command), etc

Experience VS Certification! Who Will Survive The Competition?

After working in the Project Management domain for about 22 years, one day my CEO asked me to get PMP certified. With 1000's of projects under my belt, this came as surprise to me "why I should get certified when I already have the knowledge, proven techniques, and experience to demonstrate my skills.

The Mystery of Central Certifying Body of Six Sigma! What others have to say!

In our previous article “ The Mystery of Central Certifying body of Six Sigma” we discussed how certain organizations claim to be the Central Certifying body of Six Sigma. Today we will go a step further on the same line and have a glimpse at what others have to say on this subject.

All You Need to Know About ITIL 4 Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation is an introduction to ITIL 4 and is all about a new way to look at IT Service Management through a Service Value System (SVS).  In this article, we will discuss all that you need to know about ITIL 4 Foundation.

ITIL 4: An Evolved Approach to IT Service Management

Under the community and industry-led initiative, AXELOS has introduced the latest iteration of the ITIL framework: ITIL 4. ITIL4 Foundation certification is the first course under the updated ITIL course structure. With the inclusion of several ITSM tools and methodologies like ITIL Service-Value-System along with concepts from other leading frameworks, ITIL4 provides a holistic way of managing Information Technology to support the diverse business scenarios.

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Examination Tips

In this article, we will discuss a few tips that will help you in clearing the ITIL 4 Foundation certification examination.

Is PMP Certification Relevant To IT Sector?

Project management professional certification is very different from other certifications. What makes PMP stand out from the rest of the certifications are the prerequisites and the difficulty level of the certification examination. We will look into the relevance of PMP Certification in IT Sector.

7 Reasons to take up ITIL 4 Certification

ITIL is essentially a set of IT service management practices that assist in aligning IT to business goals. It has also been marked under one of the most rewarding IT certifications both in terms of enhanced skillsets and monetary benefits.

5 Steps to Getting Lean Six Sigma Certified In North America

Discover the steps towards getting Lean Six Sigma Certified. 

5 Global Trends That will Affect Lean Six Sigma Certification in 2019

Although being an age-old approach, Lean Six Sigma stands tall in the industry. With the diversification of the market and business structures in the last couple of decades, quality management has taken a lead and at the pinnacle of it stands Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Advantages of Project Management Professionals

A Project Management Professional is a globally accepted Project management Certification. It would be safe to say that it is the most reputed project management certification and not without reasons. Business solutions face various challenges these days like the need for high level of adaptability, minuscule time to market, complex structure and diverse scope. In such circumstances, traditional project management techniques or untrained management may leave loopholes in execution and delivery. Project Management Professional has come up as a touchstone for project managers and a method to make sure that the best-in-class practices are implemented in project management.

All You need to know about Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma has turned out to be the most celebrated tool in quality management spectrum. Although both Lean and Six Sigma have not witnessed much change individually, they have been widely accepted together.

A Complete Guide To Certified Associate in Project Management

A quick run through various Project management certification forums will yield multiple questions and queries related to certifications. Is it good to take up a certification? Will project management Certification help me? Does taking up Project management certification help in career growth?

The answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’. It is always helpful to take up certification courses if the certification is aligned to the task that you do or the career you are planning to get into.

In this Article, we will exclusively cover the Certified Associate in Project Management certification.

How to Transition to ITIL V4 from ITIL V3

ITIL 4 has added a lot to the table. From an improved outlook to IT service management to an all-new structure of the ITIL suit, ITIL has evolved a lot with ITIL 4. Tools, concepts, and methodologies from various other popular frameworks have been included in the new ITIL 4 along with the new Service-Value-System.

AXELOS has launched the first certification under ITIL suit: ITIL 4 Foundation and the rest of the certifications are to be released during the year 2019. While the release of the new version is being praised in general for including various new tools, it has also led to confusion related to the transition from Version 3 to Version 4.

CAPM and PMI – ACP Online Proctored Examination

PMI has taken a leaf from other leading training providers and has launched the option of taking up online proctored examination. Project management Institution is a global non-profitable organization for project management and indulges in developing and establishing standards, research, education and certification in the project management spectrum.

PMI Switches to Pearson VUE and Online Proctored Testing

The latest news from Project Management Institution comes as the transition of PMI test partner from Prometric to Person VUE and the launch of Online Proctored Test for CAPM and PMI-ACP. A highly appreciated step, there is much that does not meet the eye at first. Both the change of test partner and the introduction of Online Proctored Test comes with multiple advantages.

7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your PMP Certification Preparation

PMP certification is the gold standard certification in the project management spectrum. With over 833,025 certified PMP professionals in the world, it is both highly demanded and highly rewarding. From higher growth prospect to higher pay structure, PMP certification has evolved as a metonym of career boost in every aspect. While it is easy to achieve certifications, the same cannot be said for PMP certification. Standard prerequisites, in-depth domain knowledge, and high-end examination, all add up to make PMP a difficult but the Philosopher’s stone in project management spectrum.

Six Reasons to Opt for Dual Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma is one of the most prominent and utilized tools in quality management spectrum. Although the concept has been in use for a long period, it has not lost its relevance in the industry even today. While Lean and Six Sigma have proved to be useful individually, combining the two ideologies manifested into something much more useful and effective.

Since then there hasn’t been much development in the training process or in the use of Lean Six Sigma. Until Now!

The Benefits of Taking up Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

It has been a cliché to speak of Lean Six Sigma as a tool for quality management. While Lean Six Sigma certifications till green belt deals exclusively with quality management, the job responsibility of a Black belt holder is much wider, he is a manager, a trainer, a leader and face of improvement in an organization. Black belt holders are change agents, skilled in statistical analysis, team dynamics and Project Management.

All You Need to Know About ITIL

Over the years, it has become quite obvious that any organization requires development in both business acumen and IT capabilities to stay relevant in the market. No matter how proficient an organization is with your day to day business endeavors, it will have to supplement IT capabilities growth, no matter how awkward it gets.

Such transitions do not happen themselves. You need a plan and a person who has the know-how of leading and driving the change in IT service management. This is where ITIL comes into the picture.

How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 1?

Gone are the days when you would hear someone say that they want to continue using the waterfall model. With the increased diversity, challenges and risk, the rise in demand for an improved methodology was but inevitable. Project managers are rapidly shifting to Agile methodologies to manage their products. Emerged in the mid-1990s, Agile development processes came as an alternative to the flat plan is driven waterfall model. The need for a more advanced methodology was felt because of two reasons:

  1. The plan-based waterfall model was effective in small projects with a lesser variable.
  2. With the growth of the IT industry getting the complete requirement was difficult in the beginning.

How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 2?

Agile methodologies and frameworks have already become a key element in project management in a lot of organizations. Organizations across the globe are on a lookout for advancements in Agile methodologies and employees who can implement these methodologies and principles in the real-life scenario. In the 1st part of the article, we discussed the benefits that you can reap with PMI-ACP certification. We suggest you read the first part of the Article: ‘How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 1?’ before moving forward with this Article.

In this article, we will help you identify if PMI-ACP is the right certification for you and compare it with other popular project management certifications.

How Valuable is PMI-ACP Certification Part 3?

We believe that it would be safe to say that project management is drifting away from the linear management style towards the more robust Agile. The demand for professionals who can apply agile methodologies in real time is at all time high and people are taking the initiative to learn the same.

Take the Shortest Path to Success in Project Management

Are you planning to be a project manager? Project managers can easily qualify as the lifeline of a project. They are the one who must make sure that things are done quickly and accurately. The task of managing the deadline falls into a project managers bucket. Not just that, a project manager also must make sure that the team sticks to the scope of the task. In order to accomplish all this, a project manager must have an analytical acumen without letting the numbers fiddle the creative voice of his/hers.

So, what does it take to become a project manager?


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