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How to Handle Competition within Your Team?

We have all heard that “life isn’t a competition”, but do we actually believe that? At every stage of life, we face competition, whether in personal life or professional life. Competition in the workplace is unavoidable, and in fact, it’s valuable. An associate professor at the Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences, Bradley J. Brummel said, "To get individually rewarded and to achieve a promotion or success in career, healthy competition is very important."

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Why train for Analytics and Data Management Certification with Us?

We believe not just in theoretical training but delivering competencies directly transferable to real life. Along with providing quality training, we constantly try to make training both effective and accessible. Certification Planner provides:


Optimized training solutions


CP study material to support learning


Instructors holding industry experience

Globally recognized

Guarantee to run the Bootcamp

Complete control

Real-life case studies to supplement learning


Practice quizzes + exercises


Data management is the core process of acquisition, maintenance, and preparation of data to be used for further analysis. The primary tasks involved in Data Management include collecting, uploading, cleaning, and creating backups of data.

Data Analytics is the broad set of functionalities to derive valuable information from the dataset. One major utility of Data Analytics includes the applicatiotion of statistical modeling tools to predict future behaviors.

We provide training for data science along with the two most popular programming languages: Python and R language. Based on your work scope, you can choose between Data Science with Python training course and Data Science Certification Training with R language. Both the programming languages are very popular and are used by data science experts across the globe.

Data Analysis is being used by organizations across the globe to boost their business functions. The demand for Data Scientists has been increasing by almost 29 percent per year. It has been predicted that over 190000 data scientists will be required in the USA alone in the next year. As Data Scientists earning more than any other IT employee, the scope, as well as the reward for building a career as a data scientist, remains high.

We conduct online training on GoToMeeting training tools, which is very easy to access and communicate. Our online are classes are 100% live and interactive sessions, where you can watch, start, or participate in a discussion or chat with the instructor and other participants anytime.

We offer 24x7 training and Q&A support on email and chat. Phone lines are open between 08.00 am to 06.00 pm eastern during weekdays. For any assistance, call us at +1 8553221201, drop your query on our website, email us at or chat with our support team. We are always happy to help.

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