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11 Best Project Management Software

Published on Tue 3, 2020
11 Best Project Management Software

Project management software assists administrators, teams, and employees to manage and achieve team goals and coordinate individual tasks. This software includes a wide range of tools to allocate resources, monitor productivity and handle workloads. Task interdependence is one of the major components of project management software as it is used to coordinate segments that are related to a larger project. Professionals use this software to manage various projects, analyze team productivity and track an individual’s or team’s progress. These can be used in any industry where individuals need to organize projects and tasks within the project. The project management software facilitates users to break projects into separate tasks, analyze productivity, create timelines, and communicate between the team.


The project management software is closely related to task management but has a wide contrast in scale and scope. Project management software allows professional to manage a team, document effectiveness and balance projects. Task management software breaks down components within a project, outlines individual efforts, allows self-management and determines due dates.


Types of Project Management Software

The project management software can be categorized in two as below:

  • On-premise: This type of software usually resides in the organization’s personal server, which is situated in the data center and is handled by a team of IT employees of the company. Microsoft Project is a widely used on-premise Project Management software.
  • Online: The online project management software is widely used by many small as well as medium scale businesses from different industries. This type of software works on cloud-based technology and is offered by application service providers in the form of SaaS (software-as-a-service). These applications are improving their functions and setting a new milestone with their combination of features.


List of Trending Project Management Software

  • Zoho Projects: It has a clean and straightforward interface, great features suitable for any business needs, and supports the integration of other business tools.
  • Teamwork Projects: With wonderful features and usability, Teamwork Projects provide the best place to manage projects.
  • LiquidPlanner: It is a complex online project management tool that will help manage employees, work, and time.
  • Igloo: A pre-built company intranet consumes; a few moments to set up and it will be ready to use.
  • TeamGantt: Widely used by small-sized businesses, this tool offers exquisite and highly intuitive user experience.
  • Volerro: It is a kanban-style project management tool that offers excellent tools to communicate, but is not really effective on mobile apps and in integration with other services.
  • Workfront: This software offers highly customizable work management platform for enterprise-level businesses.
  • AceProject: One of the most affordable basic project management solution.
  • Celoxis: It is one of the cleanly designed and easy to learn project management apps that offers a wide range of features for financial resources, tracking tasks and time.
  • Mavenlink: This online project management platform could be suitable for midsize to large organizations.
  • ProofHub: It focuses on simplicity without skimping on major features.


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