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Project V/S Agile Management by PMI

Published on Tue 16, 2021
Project V/S Agile Management by PMI


There is no doubt that both Project Management Professional (PMP®?) and PMI- Agile Certified Practitioners (PMI-ACP®?) certifications are significantly in demand and globally accepted accreditation from the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) for project managers.

PMP is one of the most sought after certifications that covers the traditional waterfall project management method. At the same time, PMI-ACP certification adds credibility and validates implementing Agile practices and methodologies.

In the current scenario, it might be challenging to choose among both the certifications. But we can see that PMP has a broader spectrum covering all aspects of project management and is universally applicable to all industries. PMI-ACP is based explicitly on agile methodology and practices and is mainly adopted worldwide in the software development industry. But is gradually being adopted by all the industries.

As mentioned above, both certifications are highly in demand due to the need for project managers worldwide.

Based on professional goals, one can choose the proper certification. Some organizations follow the traditional method, and some organizations practice agile methodology. 

We can choose the certification based on few aspects as follows:

  • Different roles and responsibilities
  • Transparency
  • Earning certification
  • Experience
  • Future aspirations
  • Market dynamics

PMP or PMI-ACP - Based on roles and responsibilities:

As a PMP certification holder, you will be responsible for the entire project as a project manager. The main aim of a project manager is to close the project within time and budget constraints. A project manager with PMP certification ensures an effective strategy implementation for successful project completion. The complete responsibility of initiating the project is planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing the project.

As a PMI-ACP certification holder, you will be responsible for successfully implementing agile methodologies and practices according to the changing requirements and priorities in the ongoing project. As an agile practitioner, you will be accountable to successfully achieve lean management with a high degree of coordination in planning, designing, development, testing, and documentation. 

PMP or PMI-ACP - Based on Transparency:

As PMP certified project manager, the complete authority of the project will be yours. The progress will be shared with the teams by project managers, and only the project manager has the power to make decisions. However, it is shared with all the responsible stakeholders, but they have to rely on the project manager's information, resulting in less transparency.

As an agile practitioner, you are responsible for sharing the project progress with the team for continuous improvement achieving maximum transparency. Every team member practicing agile is aware of the progress of the project.

PMP or PMI-ACP - Based on Earning Certification:

We can’t deny that PMP holds the highest position among all the project management certifications as it covers the broader spectrum of project management. It validates all the concepts of project management.

PMI-ACP covers a part of project management - agile methodologies and practices which enhance flexibility and productivity. It validates the concepts of agile and prepares you for the implementation of faster delivery and continuous improvement.

PMP or PMI-ACP- Based on Experience:

To earn PMP certification, you need to have project management experience of 4500 hours if you have a Bachelor’s or any other equivalent university degree. In the case of a High School Diploma or any other equivalent secondary school degree, that requirement is 7500 hours of PM experience in total. Earning PMP certification will verify your knowledge and expertise in overall project management.

To earn PMI-ACP Certification, you need to have 2,000 hours of general project management experience. Along with that, 500 hours of project management experience on Agile project teams. Earning PMI-ACP certification will validate your knowledge and expertise in handling agile teams.

PMP or PMI-ACP - Based on Future Aspirations:

Before earning any professional certification, you would have decided what your aspirations are based on your experience. If you are working in an agile environment, you can attain PMI-ACP first and PMP certification too. The project manager or an Agile practitioner, both the credentials are high in demand. The earning opportunities vary based on experience and professional accreditation. PMP is a higher-level certification and fetches higher income, while PMI-ACP certification future career opportunities and a gradual increase in revenue.

PMP or PMI-ACP - Based on Market dynamics:

PMP and PMI-ACP, both the certifications are highly in demand, but it also depends on the individual’s current organization. Market dynamics and current industry needs play a very crucial role in selecting the proper certifications. If the organization you work for is agile driven or not, both the certificates help future positions in the company. If you are in mid-level or the software development team, you can become a scrum master with PMI-ACP certification. If you are experienced in handling an entire project, PMP certification will fetch you the role of project manager and higher earning potential.


Considering the above aspects, both PMP and PMI-ACP certifications are equally beneficial based on your choice of roles and responsibilities, experience, future aspirations, and market dynamics. Enroll with the certification planner and know more about the Project Management certification courses, offers, and training modes. The list of project management and agile courses offered by the Certification planner:

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PMI-ACP® Certification Training

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