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Veterans: A Recruiter’s First Choice

Published on Tue 5, 2020
Veterans: A Recruiter’s First Choice


The USA holds the largest army in the world, with over 1.3 million active-duty troops and over 865,000 personnel in the reserve force. This means that the USA will never run short of hands that protect its interest. However, this also means that every year, scores of veterans transition from military to civilian life in the USA.

The veteran engagement and support initiatives in the USA are astonishingly higher than in any other part of the world. Several organizations are helping veterans find new jobs, and even a higher number of organizations are recruiting veterans. In this article, we will try to understand what makes veterans ‘A Promising Corporate Employee.’


Reasons behind Being Promising Employees

Over the career in the military, veterans hold several positions that induce qualities that are not only useful in the front-line but are equally valued in the corporate world. Some of these qualities that significantly works in favor of the veterans are:


1. Great learning Curve

From the time Veterans enlist in the military services, they are expected to learn quickly. The option to slag is minimalistic in the military, and by the time people complete the military service, they develop the capabilities to master things in very less time.

The potential learning curve plays a crucial role in the corporate world. Often, organizations are on a lookout for scalable and trainable employees rather than experts. Who would be a better fit than Veterans who are known to be quick learners?

That is not all. Owing to the nature of duties taken-up during the service period, veterans develop a keen sense of identifying curtail details in any tasks making them involuntarily suitable for working the corporate world.


2. Groomed Leadership traits:

Military trains people to lead by example, direction, delegation, and motivation. The sense of accountability runs deep in any veteran, making veterans an essential part of any team. As enterprises identify ‘leadership’ as an indispensable quality in their employees, they are almost always keen on including veterans who possess the quality.


3. Team Players:

There is no denying the fact that teamwork is an essential element in almost all job functions in corporate work. The success of organizations is often linked to team collaboration, and organizations are always on a lookout for employees who are good team players.

Military duties are often a blend of personal and group commitments making veterans great team players. In the words of Mr. Suhaan Kkhanna, the CEO of Certification Planner, “Veterans understand the importance of teamwork. We have a lot of veterans working with us, and they are always among the first ones to support other team members.”


4. Exposure to diversity:

Corporate jobs expect people to work with people from diverse cultures, religions, races, and gender. Often, corporate employees tend to drift towards people with a similar culture, creating smaller pockets within teams. This often reduces the overall efficiency of the organization. Veterans, on the other hand, are accustomed to working with people from different cultures, religions, or races and do not succumb to these cultural pockets. They even work towards dissolving these cultural pockets in an organization.


5. Excellent in working under pressure:

Due to the critical nature of military tasks, veterans are extensively trained to work under pressure. They can keep their calm under stress and are perfectly capable of identifying priorities even under pressure and accomplishing the underlying tasks. In the corporate world, professionals often have to work with limited resources, time, or under enormous pressure. Previous experience and the sheer commitment of veterans often help them take the task to closure even with all the stress and under all the constraints.


6. Being Adaptable and Goal Oriented

If you consider one of the most potent qualities in a veteran, it would be adaptability. It is the same quality that helps them transition from military life to civilian life. Veterans are adaptable. Not just that, they are also Goal-oriented. Both of these qualities enable veterans to take up and excel in the corporate world.


Veterans have all the soft skills required to achieve success in the corporate world. However, they need better representation of these qualities on their resume or need to work towards acquiring knowledge that would help them perform better in the corporate world.

1. Skill translation

Civilians HRs do not understand military acronyms and terms. Veterans need to seek someone from the desired industry to translate the military job lingos into civilian ones for a better impact during the interviews.

2. Knowledge Building

When it comes to knowledge building, gaining certifications is the right way forward for veterans. With industry recommended certification training, veterans can acquire the hard skills and knowledge necessary to work in the corporate world.  

There are several veterans supporting training conducted across the USA. Certification Planner is a global training facilitator working towards connecting professionals to quality solutions. Certification Planner is a veteran supporting organization, and we run the “Power to Our Heroes” program every year, where we help veterans train for and acquire certifications to build their corporate careers. Certification Planner has recently announced its veteran special training for the year 2020, where we are conducting veteran-special Live Online training for PMP and Dual Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt certification training.

We would like to welcome all the veterans working towards building their career in the project management spectrum and the quality management spectrum to or Veteran Special Workshops. If you need more information about the program, you can drop an email at, and we will reach out to you. We have helped over 1000 veterans score crucial corporate roles, and we wish to continue helping our heroes. Visit us at to explore additional learning solutions. Happy Learning!

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