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Salesforce: A Mighty Force Against COVID-19

Published on Tue 21, 2020
Salesforce: A Mighty Force Against COVID-19

The world is facing the pinch of the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has disrupted the ways of conducting business both in private and professional life. While the world is under geofencing and enterprises are facing a difficult time, Salesforce, a cloud-based customer service solution, has been scaling up to facilitate proper functioning.

While the mass utility of remote working has been made evident during the global lockdown, it has been a well-utilized tool in the Salesforce related jobs. Salesforce related roles that had extensively been utilizing remote working include:

  • * Customer success architect
  • * Senior data engineer
  • * Network engineer
  • * Delivery manager
  • * Developer evangelist
  • * Senior consultant
  • Technical architect

Thus, Salesforce already has the answer to the critical problems of the current business functions. That is not all; Salesforce has taken several steps to not only equip the world to fight the pandemic but also bring elements of normality to the general business functions.


Salesforce Steps-up its Game

Salesforce is providing tools to small and large enterprises to stay connected to its employees, partners, and clients during the crisis. Let’s look at a couple of such tools offered by Salesforce.

1. Salesforce Care for Healthcare

The Salesforce Care for Healthcare package of tools was one of the initial offerings of Salesforce for the healthcare system that was facing an influx of requests. The package includes:

  • * Access to Salesforce Health Cloud: A patient relationship platform that takes a 360-degree view of every patient, enables the connection of various health teams and scale patient-centric experience.
  • * Salesforce Shield: It delivers the capability of encrypting and monitoring solutions along with providing an audit trail that will help organizations secure their data.
  • * Salesforce Community Cloud: A tool to pass information to the patients in a personalized order.
  • * Salesforce myTrailhead: It helps the organization in effectively training the healthcare staff in the latest health protocols.


2. Salesforce Care for Employee and Customer Support

It is a pre-configured employee help-center, customer service, and contact center application. The tool aims to make the process of addressing customer queries swift and effective. The tool enables the organization to:

  • * Launch self-service centers based on FAQ’s and case management
  • * Develop a crisis communication page to pass relevant information to customers and suppliers.
  • * Employ AI-supported bots across communication channels like chats, SMS, Facebook, etc.


3. Salesforce care for Social Community Engagement

It provided access to Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Social Studio, which is a social media management solution. The tools will enable organizations to stay connected to its network and easily publish updates, news, and announcements across its audience while helping them engage in social communications in real-time across various channels.


4. Salesforce Care for Small Business

It is a set of tools dedicated to helping small businesses survive during the crisis. It includes essential, like always-on support, that will help small businesses to stay connected with its customers.

Apart from this, Salesforce has also launched the “AppExchange COVID-19 Resource Center” that provides an array of resources, devices, and applications that can be used by organizations.


Reason and Result

From the very early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations had started encouraging its employees to work from the safety of their homes.  This was the primary reason why Salesforce recorded a spike in demand.

While organizations across the globe are struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 induced economic downtime, and lay-offs are well within the sight, the jobs of professionals working on Salesforce seems to be much more stable.

This branch of the workforce is the most prominent connection between the business and customers and remains comparatively unaffected. Experts even suggest that the significant shift in the work culture will partially continue even after the lockdown is over. It means the demand for Salesforce platform experts will continue to increase.

We at Certification Planner have also experienced a rise in demand for the Salesforce certifications. Currently, CP is offering the following certification training:

  1. Salesforce Administrator
  2. Salesforce App Builder
  3. Salesforce Admin & App Builder

It is no brainer to identify why professionals have already started to recognize the opportunity and security that comes with being an expert in the domain.

In response to the growing training demands, CP has released two new training modules that are easy on the pocket but delivers quality learning: