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Why train for DevOps & Salesforce Certification with Us?

While we try to make training accessible to all, we make sure that quality is not affected in the process. With a strict feedback and review system, we keep updating our course material to include the latest advancements.


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DevOps is a blend of philosophy, practices, and tools to optimize an organization’s capability to deliver services and applications at a farter rate. The scope of DevOps also includes the efficient and quick evolution of products offered by an organization to provide a competitive edge over others.

Under the DevOps model, quick communication between the development and the operation team is identified as a critical element to optimizing the process, and the two sides are often combined. Major benefits derived out of DevOps are:

* Improved velocity to develop value

* Optimized delivery of value

* Enhanced quality of products and services

* Improved scaling options

* Upgraded security

Salesforce is the world’s most demanded customer relationship management tool designed to support all organization to client interactions during sales, marketing, and customer support. In simple words, Salesforce is the most prominent player in cloud computing and provide tools for every aspect of the business like CRM, sales, marketing, client relationship, marketing automation, mobile application building, business analysis, etc.

DevOps has a lot to do with the agile mindset and frameworks. If you have a basic familiarity with agile, you can take up DevOps Fundamental Certification. The certification holds no pre-requisite and works towards:

  • Building the base understanding of the relation among, DevOps, Agile, Lean and ITSM
  • Inducting you to DevOps toolchain and development practices
  • Introducing you to the basic jargon, idea and process flow of DevOps

We conduct online training on GoToMeeting training tools, which is very easy to access and communicate. Our online are classes are 100% live and interactive sessions, where you can watch, start, or participate in a discussion or chat with the instructor and other participants anytime.

We offer 24x7 training and Q&A support on email and chat. Phone lines are open between 08.00 am to 06.00 pm eastern during weekdays. For any assistance, call us at +1 8553221201, drop your query on our website, email us at or chat with our support team. We are always happy to help.

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