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How much does PMP certification cost?

Published on Wed 13, 2021
How much does PMP certification cost?


Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one of the most prestigious and widely recognized project management certifications all over the world. The PMP credential is offered by the reputed Project Management Institute, Inc. For professionals who qualify in the PMP Exam. The PMP credential is considered the golden standard for project management certifications. There is a huge demand for certified and skilled project managers as a PMP involves predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches. There are many benefits of getting a PMP credential which is definitely worth the money. Many certification holders leverage the PMP to land their dream job.

Many presume that the PMP examination fee is the final cost of the PMP examination. There are other costs involved too. Along with the PMP examination fee, the other costs are the PMI membership fee, PMBOK® Guide cost, exam rescheduling Fee, PMP renewal fee, Training Course, reference/study materials.

Some costs are standard and some costs are variable. 

Standard cost:

  • PMP Examination Fee
  • PMI Membership Fee
  • PMBOK® Guide cost
  • Rescheduling Fee
  • PMP renewal fee

Variable cost:

  • Training Course
  • Reference/Study materials

1. PMP Examination Fee:

The PMP examination fee is the major cost involved. The PMP certification fees are detailed in the PMP Handbook released by PMI. The table below presents the information about the Exam Type and corresponding fee structure.

Exam Examination Type

PMI Member Status

US Dollars


Center-based testing (CBT)

Paper-based testing (PBT)




Center-based testing (CBT)

Paper-based testing (PBT)




Re-examination CBT/PBT




Re-examination CBT/PBT




The PMI membership is valid for only one year. Can you observe the fee difference between members and non-member? The discount is significant, and you also get a pdf version of PMBOK for free.

2. PMI Membership Fee: 

Firstly, PMI membership is not mandatory. There is no need to become a PMI member to apply for the PMP exam. However, many benefits come with PMI membership.

  • Discount on PMP® Certification Exam Fees Savings
  • Free Access to PMI Standards and Publications
  • Access to Various Research Papers
  • PMI Marketplace: access to numerous project management related books
  • Career Central and Headquarters
  • PM Network and PMI Today
  • Project Management Journal
  • PMI Chapter Meetings

PMI Membership Fees

Prices in USD

One-time Application Fee


PMI Membership Fee


3. PMBOK® Guide – Cost: $49.50 to $99 [Pdf version free for PMI members]

PMBOK stands for a Project Management Body of Knowledge and it refers to a guide that can be used by various companies and organizations in terms of project management. It consists of a standardized project management implementation process. PMBOK guide is one of the most important reference materials every PMP aspirant owns. This book serves as one of the reference materials, but not the only one.  PDF version of the latest PMBOK® Guide is part of the PMP exam fee. So, if you are a PMI member, the pdf version of the book comes as free.

The latest version of PMBOK was released on August 1st, 2021, and is updated to meet the changes required for the current market.

The PMBOK can also be purchased as a printed copy (hard copy) from PMI at the rate of $49.50 for members and $99 for non-members. It is also available on Amazon in different versions like a hardbound book or pdf or kindle.   

4. PMP Certification Training Course :

To meet the eligibility criteria, PMI prescribes the 35 PDU (Professional Development Units) as one of the major prerequisites to qualify for the PMP exam. So, a PMP Certification Training Course provides you the 35 PDUs with proof of attending training is mandatory. The training provider provides certification of completion and 35 PDUs to meet the eligibility criteria. The exam is difficult and demanding, and this training course is good as a refresher course to help you come to speed.

 There are three modes of training for PMP training.

  • Instructor- LED Classroom Training
  • Instructor- LED Live Online Training (Live Virtual Training)
  • Self-paced Online Training or E-Learning 

Instructor- LED Classroom Training:

Instructor- LED Classroom Training provides face-to-face interaction between the instructor and participants, which makes the training very productive. It is usually conducted in a 4-day format covering the complete curriculum of PMP. The cost depends on the country and training provider.

The Certification Planner is one of the best and reputed training providers. The team facilitates classroom training all over the world. The classroom training in the US is $1799 as of now. Contact @ +1 855 322 1201 or to get exciting offers. 

So, there is no fixed price and it impacts the PMP certification cost.

Instructor- LED Live Online Training (Live Virtual Training):

Instructor -LED Live Online Training is virtual. This method is convenient for those who find it difficult to commute to attend classroom training and prefer to connect in the virtual model. Live Online Training is conducted online using specialized and specific software like such as Citrix GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, etc. 

Get enrolled with the Certification Planner to get a result-oriented learning experience online. The cost of this mode of training could be ?999.  Contact @ +1 855 322 1201 or to get exciting offers. 

Self-paced Online Training or E-Learning:

E-learning is anywhere, anytime learning. This self-study enables the participant to learn at their convenience and calls for the basic requirement of a workstation (Desktop, laptop, or handheld devices) and internet connectivity.

Cost: This method is by far the most cost-effective, starting from $699.

So, choosing the mode of training directly impacts the total cost of PMP certification.

5.  Reference/Study materials:

The Reference/Study materials include other PMP study guides ($35-$65), by authors of repute, eBooks, Exam simulators ($140 to $300), Question Banks, Brain Dumps, Practice exams, and mock tests. 

As stated before, PMBOK is one of the reference materials. Other study materials are also equally important to ace up 

Cost: It depends upon the time you spend and the money you wish to invest in buying the reference materials.

6.  Rescheduling Fee – Cost: $70  

In the event of you missing the scheduled PMP exam for whatever reason, you can always reschedule the exam but PMI charges a fee. 

Cost: PMI will charge $70 to reschedule the exam provided it is within 30 days. 

7. Renewal of your PMP certification – Cost: $60 for a PMI member, $150 for a non-member

PMP certification has to be renewed every 3 years and there is a cost factor involved. PMI has made it easier to earn these PDUs at a lower cost.  You will have to spend 1 hour to earn 1 PDU.

You don’t have to be a PMI member to renew your PMP certificate, but the cost to renew is lesser for a PMI member.

The Cost of renewal for a PMI member is $60 and $150 for a non-member.

To become a PMP certification holder, all the costs have to be borne by the participants. Given the variables, it is difficult to arrive at a specific number as the total cost. You can do the math to work out the average cost towards PMP certification.

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