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Overcoming Challenges of Adopting Agile

Published on Tue 3, 2020
Overcoming Challenges of Adopting Agile

Most organizations are in the process of embracing agile methodologies. Agile methodologies will help them to improve their customer satisfaction, team performances, and project flexibility. For businesses who are still in two minds, can check out the case study on Reduced Time-to-Market with Agile Transition. An organization that is in the process of adopting agile methodologies faces quite a few roadblocks. It is not easy to bring about a change to an organization. Below are some changes an organization has to bring about while implementing changes, otherwise could lead to roadblocks:



When organizations adopt agile, every employee in the organization must go through adequate training. An experienced agile coach should provide coaching and training to all employees. A clear understanding of agile practices and principles is required to understand the transformation and the implications of the change.


Transforming to agile will require every department and employee within the organization to work in collaboration. Before the transformation, most teams may never have interacted with other teams. However, the transformation to agile will require each individual to understand the importance of collaboration and working together with cross-functional teams.

Quick results

It is not possible to achieve quick results when adopting agile. It is essential to understand the principles of agile. Without proper understanding, it can be a setback in the transformation process. Every employee must be clear about the expectations and the changes that the transformation will bring into their workspace and their roles. An organization to be completely agile it will take time and patience from the employees. Also, how quickly the agile methodology is implemented in an organization is depended on the size of the team. If an organization has just 20 to 25 employees, it will be implemented quickly. However, if it’s a huge organization, it may take years for the entire organization to adapt to the agile methodologies.

 Culture Shift

Cultural shift and the right mindset to accept the changes are required in successfully implementing agile methodologies. The organization should support its employees and management, focus on learning, focus on continuous improvement, encourage its employees, and adapt to the changes. The culture and mindset don’t change in a day. It has to change from the top management to the employee at a base level in the organization hierarchy.      

Effective Communication