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A Rise in PMP Course Fee Due from 2021

Published on Sat 18, 2020
A Rise in PMP Course Fee Due from 2021


PMI is the global custodian of the famous PMP certification. Over the years, PMI has been working extensively to monitor the project management spectrum and facilitate structured learning and validation in the domain through PMP certification. However, PMI has planned some dominant changes for the PMP certification, its scope, exam, and training providers.

In this article, we will explore the decisions made by PMI concerning the delivery of PMP certification training and its effect on the overall PMP course price.


The Change

In the latest attempt to standardize and improve the training delivery for PMP, PMI has introduced the “Authorized Training Partner” Program or the ATP. So what is ATP, and what is the difference between the previously existing REP program and the newly proposed ATP program?

Like REP’s, ATP or Authorized Training Partners will be PMI approved training providers. However, the significant change with the ATP program comes in the face of ownership and development of the PMP exam prep course material. With the ATP program, PMI has tried to standardize the training for PMP by mandating that all the Authorized Training Partners will use the course material created by PMI only.

Apart from this, there is a critical financial aspect of the introduction of the ATP program. ATP program mandates it for the training providers:

1. To provide an annual fee to PMI, based on their region and the program benefit they desire (Training providers in North America & Europe will have to pay $ 6,999 per year to PMI.)

2. To pay an amount of $ 99 per learner to PMI (North America & Europe).

3. To make it compulsory for their instructors to take the PMI designed “Train the Trainer- PMP® Exam Prep” course. (The Basic plan offers one complimentary voucher for this, and the Premium plan offers two complimentary vouchers.)

4. To refrain from offering any self-learning courses.


The Effect

In-person/Live Online Training

It goes without saying that training providers will have to spend more on per student training. Earlier, the average per-ticket cost of a PMP course was from $ 2000 to $ 3000 for in-person and % $ 900 to $ 1999 for Live Online training. While the current price was considered a lot by several learners, the per-ticket cost is bound to increase once the ATP program comes into effect.

Now that the training provider will have to pay the annual fee, the per-student fee, and the instructor training fee to PMI, the PMP course fee will rise to and may even reach $ 4000.

Self-Styled Learning Training

Another significant impact will be on learners leaning towards self-styled learning modules. Due to the high cost of the PMP in-person and live online training courses, scores of learners preferred self-styled learning modules. These self-styled learning courses generally included course materials and recorded lessons and used to cost around $ 700. With the ATP program, PMI had restricted the delivery of self-styled learning modules. This eliminates the low-cost learning opportunities for learners. However, PMI is in the process of creating its Self-Styled learning modules, which may become the next best alternative.

The ATP program may create additional challenges for the larger training facilitators who maintained a larger instructor pool. This might also create a brief instructor crunch for in-person and classroom training.


Our Suggestion

The ATP program will come into effect with the new PMP exam outline from January 2021. However, with it, there will be a surge in the ticket cost for PMP certification.

If you have been preparing for the PMP exam but have not taken up the PMP course, we believe it is the best time for you to take up the certification training and then the exam. If you are planning to take up the certification but have not started preparing for it, you still have a lot of time to prepare for the certification and take the exam before the PMP exam changes and before the PMP exam cost increases.

To facilitate your success in the PMP exam, we at Certification Planner have collaborated with industry experts to developed front-of-the-line PMP certification courses. The course is available in various training formats, and you still have the chance to choose the training type that suits your learning style. Explore our PMP Certification Training catalog or reach out to us at or +1 8553221201 if you want to discover more about your training options. Happy Learning!

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