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Six Reasons to Opt for Dual Lean Six Sigma Certification

Published on Tue 3, 2020
Six Reasons to Opt for Dual Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma is one of the most prominent and utilized tools in the quality management spectrum. Although the concept has been in use for a long period, it has not lost its relevance in the industry even today. While Lean and Six Sigma have proved to be useful individually, combining the two ideologies manifested into something much more useful and effective.

Since then there hasn’t been much development in the training process or in the use of Lean Six Sigma. There are several organizations that have launched tailor-fitted Lean Six Sigma courses for its employees but the scope of these courses is limited to those organizations only.  

This gradually leads us to the question, ‘What is new in Lean Six Sigma?’

The answer to this comes in the face of a highly optimized system of Lean Six Sigma learning through Dual Lean Six Sigma certification. We will shortly dive deep into the details of why a Dual Lean Six Sigma certification and the certification course can deliver much more optimized learning than individual certifications.

For comparison, we will use the facts and value associated with our, Certification Planner’s Dual LSS course and Individual LSS courses.

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