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5 Global Trends That will Affect Lean Six Sigma Certification in 2019

Published on Tue 3, 2020
5 Global Trends That will Affect Lean Six Sigma Certification in 2019

Although being an age-old approach, Lean Six Sigma stands tall in the industry. With the diversification of the market and business structures in the last couple of decades, quality management has taken a lead and at the pinnacle of it stands Lean Six Sigma methodology. It has predominantly been established that Lean Six Sigma has been a widely accepted tool over the years, but the question worth asking is: “Will it sustain in the future?”. There are several factors and market trends that might lead to the upliftment and further progress of Lean Six Sigma or might result in a gradual decrease in its popularity. In this article, we will discuss the global trends that will affect the Lean Six Sigma Certification in 2019.


1. Increased scope of quality management:

While quality management initially gained importance from the manufacturing and Software industry, it has evolved over time into being Omnipresent. Without looking deep, it is evident that almost all the organizations, industry and sector is giving quality its due importance. Getting the work done within the demarcated budget and time is no longer enough. Sectors like healthcare, education, service, etc. have started paying attention to quality management and this could increase the popularity of Lean Six Sigma even more.



2. Manage quality as a project:

Quality objectives can be compared to the philosophies of companies. They do not render much value addition if not applied properly. With this realization, companies have started making proper plans and implementing proper strategies to manage quality just like initiating and executing a project. Several organizations also employ quality teams efficient in the Lean Six Sigma application, thus adding to the demand and popularity of Lean Six Sigma.


3. A general shift towards implementation in smaller projects and byte-sized solutions:

While the application of Lean Six Sigma in huge projects with distinctly orchestrated steps and phases has been common, the industry is slowly shifting towards the smaller and more subtle mixture of “rapid improvement events” and project strides. This embeds the needs of Lean Six Sigma into every step during a project.


4. The boom in the large data set, Data Mining, and Data analysis:

The availability of data is an essential part of the successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles. With the boom in data and various methods of mining and analyzing data, Lean Six Sigma is bound to be used more extensively.


5. Evolution in the Lean Six Sigma approach:

Now, this is a factor that has been building up since the inception of Lean and Six Sigma and continues to do so. The initial interpretation of Lean Six Sigma was that the secret is to apply the tools that were seen at Toyota. With evolution, the understanding developed that it was the thinking that mattered and not the tools: complementing the tools with the principles and problem-solving techniques is the answer. The latest realization has come in the form of understanding the orientation of Lean Six Sigma towards people. The idea is to create a cultural change by giving the responsibility of continuous change to everyone. This evolution gives another push to the demand for Lean Six Sigma.


While there are multiple factors that are working in favor of Lean Six Sigma the concept of Design sprints is overtaking the problem-solving approach. Even so, Lean Six Sigma is going to remain relevant in the market as it is one of the most powerful frameworks for streamlining the flow of products and services.

So, if you are planning to take up Lean Six Sigma Certifications, you don’t need to be worried about staying relevant to the market.

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