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5 Steps to Becoming PMP Certified

Published on Tue 3, 2020
5 Steps to Becoming PMP Certified

It would be safe to say that one of the most esteemed certifications in the project management spectrum is Project management Professional Certification, often abbreviated as PMP certification. With global recognition and support from various statistics, the number of people taking up Project Management Professional Certification is growing by hours. As of March 2018, there were 833,025 active PMP certified professionals across the world. With companies’ increased emphasis on Project management, this number is bound to grow. If you are a professional with the desire to take up PMP certification, here are 5 steps to becoming PMP certified professional.

Find the drive: Identify you are ‘emotional’ connect to PMP certification

Getting PMP certification can turn out to be a long journey. You might complete it in the very first attempt, but in the off-chance that you don’t, finding you are emotional connection may act as the boost you require. Take a sheet of paper, draw a vertical line in the center and name the two columns as ‘Reason’ and ‘Need’. Under ‘reason’, note down all the reasons to take up PMP certification. Start with ‘I want to…’. This is your brain taking. Keep writing until you can not think of any other reasons. Your Points may look like:

Now it is time to find the emotional connection to all these reasons. For every point that you have mentioned under ‘Reason’ try to find an emotional need. Start your sentence with ‘so that…’ This is your heart talking. Your points may look like:

The points under the need column will keep you motivated.



Research: Collect the required data and check for Eligibility

It is time for you to do the necessary research. It is good to know as much as you can about Project Management Professional Certification before you start. This can start by reading the PMI handbook which is easily available on the PMI official website. There are some specific prerequisites for taking up PMP certification. To enroll for the PMP certification, an individual must fall under one of the criteria:

  1. Four years of’ bachelor’s degree with 4,500 hours of experience in Project Management
  2. A secondary degree (like an associate’s degree, high school diploma or the global equivalent) with 7,500 hours of Project Management experience.

Moreover, professionals must collect 35 contact hours that can be earned by attending the PMP certification course.



Apply: You can now Apply for PMP certification exam

Visit the official website of PMI ( and fill up the PMI Application form. Once you get the approval, you can book an examination slot.



Prepare: Now starts the process of preparing for PIM Certification Examination

A well-structured preparation can be the key to cracking the examination. Start by preparing a preparation plan: include details like how many hours will you be spending, on which dates will you be studying, what study materials will you require, etc.


PMBOK Guide is generally considered to be the standard reference for PMP exam prep. You can also take up PMP Bootcamp. A well structured PMP Bootcamp can provide structure to your preparation. Also, most of the credible Project management professional courses come with complimentary study materials.

Make sure you keep checking your progress by taking up simulation exams. Keep your benchmark as scoring 85% in the simulation examinations.




Take the Exam: It is the time for the end game!

Do not stress over the examination. We understand that passing the examination is important but stressing about it will only make matters worse for you.


Enjoy improved career prospects, better salary, access to prime projects and sturdy growth in your organization post-certification.


Improve your PMP certification examination prospects with the well-defined Project management Professional course offered by Certification Planner. Our PMP training course is aligned with the PMI guidelines and PMBOK Guide. With all our courses being prepared by PMP certified experts and all the training sessions being lead by lead PMP certified instructors, we provide quality learning with an optimal learning experience.


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