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All You need to know about Lean Six Sigma Certification

Published on Tue 3, 2020
All You need to know about Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma has turned out to be the most celebrated tool in the quality management spectrum. Although both Lean and Six Sigma have not witnessed much change individually, they have been widely accepted together.

While Lean methodologies aim at streamlining the process by eliminating wastes and variations, Six Sigma aims at refining a process until there is no issue left in it. Lean Six Sigma brings both these aspects together by reducing variations and detecting defects along with preventing defects. In this article, we will drill deep into the Lean Six Sigma and find all the minutes of Six Sigma.


Who governs Lean Six Sigma?

The first fact that you need to be acquainted with is that there is no central certifying body for Six Sigma. The certification is provided by Master Black Belt through the organization he or she works for.  This provides great flexibility to the Lean Six Sigma as organizations can streamline the course to suit their needs. Here are a couple of good reads on this topic.

The mystery of the Central certifying body of Six Sigma!

The mystery of the Central Certifying body of Six Sigma! What others have to say!


What is the base of LSS?

In layman’s term, the base working principle of LSS can be summed as:

  1. Align all the efforts to fulfill customers’ requirements
  2. Understand the steps that create the deliverables (value stream)
  3. Improve the Value Stream
  4. Eliminate elements that do not add value along with Wastes
  5. Reduce variations in processes
  6. Decide based on data not guess
  7. Include employees in the improvement process and provide them the tools to find the solutions


What are the benefits of Lean Six Sigma?

Being the most potent quality management tool, the direct benefit of Lean Six Sigma to the organization is that it greatly improves the quality of products and processes thus increasing profitability. Professionals taking up the course enjoy multiple benefits like

  1. Higher Pay structure: A Lean Six Sigma Certified professional gets a mean salary of $99,000 (Black Belt).
  2. Improved opportunities: Lean Six Sigma Certification validates your knowledge in quality management. As quality management is a prominent aspect in every industry, new opportunities open up by hours.
  3. Better performance: With the new learnings from the certification course, the performance gets a huge boost.
  4. Nurture managerial skills: In general, Six Sigma helps nurture managerial skills in you and in due time you may become the face of change in your organization.


What are the various levels in Lean Six Sigma Certifications?

There are 6 levels in Lean Six Sigma which are represented in the form of belts. Each iterative belt digs deeper in Lean Six Sigma methodology and elaborates on methodologies and tools.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt: You are inducted to the structure of Lean Six Sigma along with the vocabulary used in it.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt: With the yellow belt, you will be able to work with the quality management team and will be able to identify and report process issues.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: You will gain the competency to manage the LSS based projects and provide a just-in-time trainer to the junior associates new to the quality management spectrum.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: You will have the mastery in LSS and will be able to drive LSS based projects along with extensively monitor and mentor the quality management team.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt: You will work with the leadership team to identify major issues and design holistic solutions. You will also be responsible to integrate LSS into the working culture of the organization.

Lean Six Sigma Champion: You will work as an executive leader and will be responsible for any and all the change initiatives on an organizational level. You will also be the face of a Cultural shift in the organization.


What are the prerequisites for taking up LSS certification?

The only prerequisite for getting LSS certification is the will to take active actions towards learning and shaping your future. Anyone working in quality management or project management spectrum can take up LSS certification. While you can take up any certification, it is advisable to follow the order of certification for maximum learning.


Where to get the LSS certification from?

Most of the prominent organizations provide in-house LSS training. These training modules are aligned with the needs of the organization. If the organization you work for does not provide in house training, you can take up LSS certification from various training providers.

There are several training facilitators in the market who can assist you with the LSS certification course. We, Certification Planner, are a leading training provider and are committed to connecting you with the best training solutions available. With our courseware being developed by Master LSS instructors, we provide the best-in-class quality. Also get access to complimentary E-learning material, E-Book, Chapter end quizzes and much more.

If you want to know more, contact us at or visit us at You can also call us at +1 4084185586. Happy learning!


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