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Big Challenges are Waiting for PMP Aspirant in 2018

Published on Tue 3, 2020
Big Challenges are Waiting for PMP Aspirant in 2018

The first draft of the PMBOK Guide 6th edition was released earlier this year and the book is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2017. The additions made to the PMBOK Guide are going to be very significant and we can expect major changes in the new version than ever before.

Some of the changes that we can expect in the PMBOK® Guide are: 

  1. One of the major changes is the inclusion and incorporation of Agile and iterative practices in all knowledge areas
  2. Increase in the number of processes from 47 to 50
  3. Introducing three new processes
  • “Implement Risk Responses” will be part of the Risk Management knowledge group and Executing Process Group
  • “Manage Project Knowledge” will be part of the Integration Management knowledge area and Executing Process Group
  • “Control Resources” will be part of the Resource Management knowledge area and Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

       4. Change in the name of two Knowledge Areas

  •  “Project Human Resource Management” will be renamed as “Project Resource Management”
  • “Project Time Management” will be renamed as “Project Schedule Management”

       5. Renaming Six Existing Processes

  • Renamed “Plan Human Resource Management” to “Plan Resource Management”
  • Renamed “Perform Quality Assurance” to “Manage Quality”
  • Renamed “Control Communications” to “Monitor Communication”
  • Renamed “Control Risk” to “Monitor Risk”
  • Renamed “Plan Stakeholder Management” to “Plan Stakeholder Engagement”
  • Renamed “Control Stakeholder Engagement” to “Monitor Stakeholder Engagement”

Although the new edition of the PMBOK Guide will launch in the third quarter of this year, the changes will be implemented on the PMP exam from January 2018 onwards. So, if you are planning to go for PMP, here are some reasons why you should take it in 2017: 

  • Availability of Study Material: For any exam preparation, study materials and resources are very important. The PMBOK® Guide 5th edition and the PMP exam are very familiar and one can find readily available study resources/materials at their disposal. Even though the course will change from January onwards, still there is enough time to study and clear the certification exam based on the current version.
  • Tougher Exam based on New Version: Considering the past experience, the PMP certification exam gets difficult with the release of every new version of PMBOK. Aspirants need to learn new study areas and understand the new set of questions during the exams.
  • Old Reference Books and Online Study Courses: After the launch of a new version of PMBOK, a minimum of two quarters require to update existing materials and come up with the relevant study material to help PMP® aspirants who missed in 2017, which may delay your career plans.
  • Hike in Cost of Study Materials and Exam Fee: The prices of study materials, simulation exams, and PMI exam fees might get higher compared to the current cost.
  • Career Growth: With the PMP certification, you can add significant value to your organization and become a great problem solver. Completion of certification will also increase your reach to local and global job opportunities.

In short, if you are looking to take your career ahead in the field of project management and don’t want to delay your career plans, book your PMP exam today!

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