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How to Manage Time During New PMP Exam 2021?

Published on Mon 11, 2021
How to Manage Time During New PMP Exam 2021?


As 2021 dawns, we are all set to face the new PMP exam from Jan 02, 2021. The new PMP exam is challenging in all aspects. The recently updated PMP exam is a significant change by PMI in the syllabus, exam structure, and exam pattern. Before understanding time management, let us be prepared for the new PMP exam. 'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.' The new PMP exam content outline has created a buzz in recent times for PMI's new domains. Though the fields are new with enablers and tasks, the topics overlap with the old content, so there is nothing to worry about the new content outline.

To understand the overlapping of the previous PMP content and new PMP content, PMI has released  PMP Exam Content Crossover Map V1.

According to the PMI’s 2020 PMP Exam Content Crossover Map V1,

PMI addresses the three-domain in the following way:

People: The previous PMP content may have limited scope to address this new domain. If there is content, it would be woven throughout your course.

Process: The previous course may have a fair amount of content to address this new domain, as this was previously the exam's bulk.

Business Environment: The previous course may have minimal content to address this new domain. If there is content, it would be woven in small threads throughout the course.

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In the  PMI’s 2020 PMP Exam Content Crossover Map V1, PMI has provided the enabler number with alignment with the old content. It has also highlighted the new content involved.

The concepts of the new PMP content outline is not entirely new. Preparing for the PMP exam will be more comfortable even if you follow the PMBOK 6th edition and enroll with a prestigious Certification Planner to train expert trainers.

The new PMP exam pattern is:

  • 180 questions (175= scored questions, 5= Unscored (pretest) questions)
  • The PMP exam to be completed in 230 minutes.
  • Two 10- minutes break
  • Questions types:
    • Multiple choice
    • Multiple responses
    • Matching
    • Fill-in-the-blank questions
    • Drag and drop
    • Hot-Spot (Graphic) questions

Before preparing your mindset to complete the exam successfully, make sure you are not nervous about the new syllabus. Ideally, every candidate applies for the PMP exam to successfully get the credentials. Still, the ideal candidate’s milestone would be to complete the PMP exam successfully in the given time frame.

To complete the new PMP exam, the candidate needs to complete 180 questions in 230 minutes. Earlier it was 200 questions. PMI has cut off almost 10% of the exam question and made it easier to attempt 180 questions. They have reduced the pretest questions from 25 to 5 questions. This means the new PMP exam pattern contains only five questions that are not countable, but we are unsure which question it will be. The candidate can concentrate on all the questions without any negligence mindset of pretest or unscored questions.

180 questions to be answered in 230 minutes, which is 3 hours 50 minutes. Each question is to be answered in approximately 1.2 minutes. In the new PMP exam content outline, there are different types of questions to answer, such as fill in the blank, drag, drop, graphical questions, etc. Go through the prototype questions to know more about the question types. Some questions might take time, and some not. Focus on the problems in which you are more confident and save time in the self allotted 1.2 minutes.


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Utilize the two-10 min breaks to calm yourself. Take a little time and glance at the question paper, and set the target mentally. Do not panic if you get stuck on a particular question. Remember, you have a maximum time of 1.2 minutes to answer that question. If you exceed that time limit, let that question go.

For better time management during the PMP exam, you need to take many practice tests or simulators to understand your preparation level. The change in question type and syllabus would be quite challenging. Still, with proper guidance and preparation with the help of Certification Planner training, you would be able to face this challenging PMP exam on the first attempt. Read more about the changes in our blogs:

To facilitate your PMP exam success, we at Certification Planner have collaborated with industry experts to develop front-of-the-line PMP certification courses. The course is available in various training formats, and you still have the chance to choose the training type that suits your learning style. Explore our PMP Certification Training catalog or reach out to us at or +1 8553221201 if you want to discover more about your training options. Happy Learning!

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