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PMP® Exam Change Moves to June 2020

Published on Tue 3, 2020
PMP® Exam Change Moves to June 2020

Project Management Institute (PMI®) takes into consideration the feedback shared by numerous stakeholders and postpones the PMP® certification exam change to June 2020. The new exam outline will come into effect from 1st July 2020. In an earlier announcement by Project Management Institute (PMI®), which came in June 2019, PMP® examination was set to change from 15th December 2019. While the current PMP® examination has 5 domains: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing, the new PMP® exam outline will be set around 3 domains: People, Process and Business Environment.

However, the change was met with feedback from various stakeholders mentioning that they need more time to adjust to the new examination change. PMI® has finally decided to take heed to the feedback. Earlier today, PMI® has released a notice through its website, PMI®.org notifying that they have finally decided to postpone the exam outline change date. You can read more about the announcement at PMP® Exam Change is Moving to June 2020.


What triggered the change?

PMI® keeps an eye on the project management spectrum and conducts researches every 3 to 4 years to identify the current trends in project management spectrum, the requirement of professionals and improved ways to facilitate learning to project managers. In association with several industry experts, PMI® had conducted the last set of researches in the year 2015 and has attempted to address the current need through the new PMP® exam content outline.


What is new in the changed PMP® Exam?

While the PMP® examination is set to change from July 1st, 2020, the PMBOK® V7 Guide is set to release in 2021. This leaves the professionals preparing for PMP® examination in a tricky situation. With the new exam outline, some sections are brand new to the examination and might not be available in the PMBOK® V6 exam guide as well. PMI® has promised the release of multiple documents that will help training providers and in turn the candidates to prepare for the new examination. As of now, PMI® had released a mapping document that will help determine which inventory can be reused for PMP® exam post 30th June 2020.

If you want to explore the changes that have been made in the new PMP® exam outline, here is a good reed for you: What has changed in the new PMP® Exam content outline?


People: The current PMP® certification courses may have limited information of this section and whatever information is present may be woven throughout the course. 42% of the questions of the new PMP® exam will be from this domain.

Process: This forms the major part of the previous structure and there would be abundant availability of this domain in all of the existing PMP® training course content. This will also form 50% of the questions in the new PMP® examination.

Business Environment: This is another new domain and the availability of this domain will be less in the current courses and would be woven throughout the course. 8% of the questions in the new PMP® exam will be from this section.

The table below maps the areas for which the content might not be available in the current PMP® certification training course and study materials.

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