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Salesforce's Contribution to Small Businesses

Published on Sat 25, 2020
Salesforce's Contribution to Small Businesses


Salesforce is the world's most popular cloud-based CRM that is helping organizations connect with their employees and clients. Based on the data provided by Salesforce, the company roughly has 150,000 clients. While there is no denying the fact that Salesforce has been leading the company-client domain providing all the resources required for the sales and customer relations, the organization is stepping up to extend support during the current crisis. Apart from its Salesforce Care for Healthcare toolset that it had designed for the healthcare organizations, Salesforce is assisting small businesses with "Salesforce Care for Small Business." Today we will have a look at how Salesforce is helping small businesses survive.

To start with, Salesforce has acknowledged the importance of small businesses and the crucial role they play by stating that "Small businesses are the heart of our community."

The statement has appeared on the initial introduction of Salesforce Care for Small Business page. You can find the link to the page 'HERE.' The page includes the initiatives taken by Salesforce in for the young enterprises.


Salesforce Care for Small Business Grant

The Salesforce Care for Small Business Grant will provide financial assistance to small organizations. The grants worth $ 10,000 will provide capital to young organizations in the USA. Small business organizations can apply for the grant through the Salesforce Care for Small Business grant official webpage if they fulfill the criteria stated by the organization. The requirements for applying for the grant mentions that to be eligible to apply for the grant; a company must:

  • * Be a for-profit company
  • * Have employee strength in the range between 2 to 50
  • * Have been in business for 2 full years as of March 2020
  • * Should have annual revenue between 250k to 2M
  • * Should have faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • * Fulfill all the requirements mentioned in its Grant Program terms

While currently, the grant is for businesses in the USA only, Salesforce is working towards releasing an international grant.


Complimentary Resources and Solutions

Working towards building the capabilities of small organizations, Salesforce has also released a score of free resources and business solutions. This includes a LinkedIn group that aims at bringing new businesses together and sharing useful resources. Salesforce has also included various articles and guides that provide guidelines for different helpful pointers like Paycheck Protection and activities that can be conducted by organizations. These guidelines are about topics like:

  • * Understanding customer expectations
  • * Minutes of Accounting system
  • * SEO and SEO writing
  • * How to upgrade business plans
  • * Essentials to run a remote team


Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce essentials is a tool package that identifies the problem that continuous communication with clients can be challenging for new businesses. The tool package can help companies to stay connected to their clients. The S.F essentials include on-support, a 24*7 help center for the clients. The tools also assist in deciphering customer behavior and understanding what the client needs. The tool will help organizations collate structure and secure data along with utilizing it for better client connect.


Scores of organizations are using the tools offered by Salesforce. Salesforce has always been in high demand, and organizations have always looked for professionals who could effectively use the Salesforce platform. One way of gaining expertise in Salesforce is through certification training. Certification Planner is currently offering three major certifications in the domain:

  1. Salesforce Administrator
  2. Salesforce App Builder
  3. Salesforce Admin & App Builder

If you are a growing business, you can make use of the Salesforce tools to streamline your client communications. If you are a professional working on the Salesforce platform, you can secure your career by getting established as an expert in the domain. With CP, you get to choose the training module that sits well with you and learn from industry experts. Visit us at to know more. You can also reach us at or call us at +1 8553221201.  

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