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Effects of Lean and Six Sigma in Healthcare Industry

Published on Tue 3, 2020
Effects of Lean and Six Sigma in Healthcare Industry

Lean Six Sigma defines processes to eliminate defects from the organization. In the healthcare industry, a defect can be the question of life or death. The Lean Six Sigma methodology can help healthcare sectors to enhance patient safety by eliminating life-threatening errors. Lean Six Sigma is a five-step approach; Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) to enhance the performance of the processes. The lean and six sigma methodologies help you to focus on the enhancement of the patient experience by assuring medical processes to deliver the desired results.

The Lean and Six Sigma in the healthcare industry to improve the quality by making project deliverables measurable and more discrete, maintain a strong customer focus over organizational, better results, and improving the quality within a designated time frame.

The healthcare organizations are utilizing lean and six sigma methodologies for quite a long time now. The lean six sigma can help in many ways to improve the quality of healthcare services. For instance, incorporating Lean approaches in pilot programs may reduce the time required for pathologist reports from an anatomical pathology lab. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can help to minimize the backlog in the pharmacy, decreasing the time required to perform several tests on patients, reduce time to enter new medication orders, complete chart entries, and handling electronic payment for larger vendor accounts.

There are various applications of a Lean Six Sigma approach which led to minimizing the complexity of hiring full-time and part-time staff, enhancing way to the scheduling of the operating room by creating a new pre-surgical admissions process, and emerging a new work planning system to completion of equipment maintenance requests. There are numerous successful applications of Lean and Six Sigma have been reported at various healthcare firms. Considering these benefits of Lean and Six Sigma, many healthcare organizations have incorporated a variety of Lean strategies to improve the quality of their services and to deliver better results.

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