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Grab the Attention of Employers by Adding Certification in the Most Appropriate Way

Published on Wed 4, 2020
Grab the Attention of Employers by Adding Certification in the Most Appropriate Way

You must have learned a ton from the online or classroom courses and you might have been incorporating these new skills in your work as well. But if you are looking to switch your job, the question that may strike to you is how to include an additional certification on your resume. The inappropriate inclusion of any certification can make recruiters skeptical about your resume and in some cases, make your resume worse. As a step towards understanding the interpretation of employers on the additional courses on professionals' resumes, we have consulted with several hiring managers and recruiters. Based on their views, here are some tips on how to add details of additional courses in your application:

Position it Properly 

Everyone, including the board, recruiters and the hiring managers agreed that MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and other courses can specify that you are qualified for the job. Include courses that have taught you something related to your job goes a mile. Keep the course list short and confine them to a single section, like 'Professional Training' or 'Certification' within your work history.

Keep It Relevant

Only add a certification if it is related to your job profile or if you are actually using them in your work. Nobody cares if you have studied Classical Greek Art when you are working as a salesperson! Instead, add only those certifications that outline the skills that can give an impetus to the work you are expected to do. Remember to change the list of certifications based on the job post.

Display How You Incorporate Your Skills into Your Work

During the discussion, recruiters also agreed that giving evidence of how one put one's skills into work can help strengthen the case that the certification meant something. It's very important for candidates to validate that they keep upgrading their skills. Include a special project or work to give context around the results that you had got by implementing the skills acquired by the certification. 


So these are some major points that you need to keep in mind while including a course in your resume. During the training, our instructors will also introduce you to some other factors that can help you in building a great resume and grab the attention of employers and recruiters.

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