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The Growth of DevOps and It’s trends in 2019

Published on Tue 3, 2020
The Growth of DevOps and It’s trends in 2019

In the modern business world, DevOps is the much-needed answer to eliminate repetitive tasks and poor coordination between the Software development and IT Operations team. DevOps is a systematic approach that eliminates repetition, reduces glitches, exemplary coordination, and more production. Before we go in-depth about DevOps, let’s look into its history.

The inception of DevOps:

Back in 2008, Andrew Shafer scheduled a seminar on “Agile Infrastructure” in Toronto. He received a very poor response that he closed the seminar before it even began. But the idea struck Patrick Debois. Patrick was keen to collaborate with Andrew. He was excited to know that Andrew had the same viewpoint as him, who felt there was a disconnect between the development and operations team. He strongly felt that the differences between both the teams could be eliminated, and both teams can work in collaboration. Andrew and Patrick came together to form the group Agile Systems Group. They aimed to bring together developers and operators.