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Who do You Want to be During COVID-19?

Published on Tue 14, 2020
Who do You Want to be During COVID-19?


There is no denying the fact that COVID-19 has put a halt to global activities. Places that had been buzzing with people are standing empty. The day to day activities of people around the globe has seized, and everyone has been forced to stay indoors. Major economies have crashed, and the standard workforce is struggling to keep their jobs.

While this is a major global crisis, it is also the defining moment for everyone. The global crisis has allowed the swift-moving corporate world to redefine itself and its outlook. It is time to pause and ask yourself, “Who do you want to be during COVID-19?”

Based on the actions, people fall under three major behavioral zones. Check which category do you belong to!


The Fear Zone:

As the name suggests, the fear zone is identified by doubt and panic. People in this zone are often found to be highly scared of the condition and are often the ones who start taking drastic actions to secure whatever resource they get their hands on. They are generally associated with activities like:

  • * Hoarding food, household items, and medications that they might not even need without considering the needs of others
  • * Giving in to fear, panic and spread undue concerns
  • * Complain frequently and fail to abide by the directives given by the government
  • * Promoting fake news by forwarding social media messages without authenticating the source
  • * Complaining about lack of infrastructure to work from home

Professional Impact:

This is the group that runs the threat of disrupting initiatives to emerge out of the crisis. On a professional front, they are the primary source of discontent and doubt in the employees during ‘work from home.’ They never acknowledge the efforts and often discourage other employees while counting the shortcomings of the situation.


Progressive Zone:

Progressive is a group of people who have understood that they cannot control all the factors and have actively started to cope with the situation. They put a restrain on their consumerist nature and sometimes even help others in need. General observation suggests that they have high emotional quotient and are generally more appreciative. You can associate them with actions like:

  • * Considering the needs of others and sharing the resource at their disposal
  • * They evaluate information, learn about the source of news before spreading it
  • * They are also one of the most enthusiastic supporters of preventive measures and try their best to promote good practices
  • * They are one of the people who find means to make the best out of the situation and spend time with family during the lockdown.

Professional Impact:

People in the learning zone often analyze the need of the hour, and the threats that may arise out of it. They might even go a step ahead in finding time to upskill themselves to stay competitive. You can find them taking up a new course or exploring new domains of work in the time they save. On the work front, they continue to deliver value in whatever way possible. While they might not come out as supporters for others, they abstain from discouraging colleagues. People in the learning zone are more supportive of the initiatives taken by the organizations to continue their functions.


Leader’s Zone:

Leaders are people who go beyond their self needs and often think about others. They often help others not just in the professional front but also in the regular walks of life. While the leaders are aware of the current restrictions and problems, they are often more focused on finding the solutions, and finding means that will be fruitful in the long run. Leaders associate themselves with activities like:

  • * Leading helping initiatives to support others
  • * Appreciating others for their efforts and contributing towards their initiatives
  • * Taking charge of their emotions and not letting it hinder their responsibilities
  • * Driving changes that ensure the survival of organizations

Professional Impact:

On the professional front, leaders are people who bind the team together and find means to get tasks completed even in the pessimal environment. They also support employees or colleagues who are facing difficulty. They are the fruit bearers of hope and progress in their professional environment. They often make their talents available for others and help others in whatever way possible.

It is essential to understand that the government cannot fight the crisis without the support of the people. Similarly, organizations cannot survive the economic slowdown without the contributions of its employees. While organizations across the globe have been finding innovative methods to stay relevant in the current environment, it is up to its employees to lead these innovations to success. On a personal front, people need to decide how they are going to respond to the current situation as well. They might give in to the fear and see themselves becoming obsolete, or they might take charge of their career and survive the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

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