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Becoming CISM: Best Tips for Certification Exam Success

Published on Thu 21, 2021
Becoming CISM: Best Tips for Certification Exam Success


Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is one of the most in-demand certifications in the cybersecurity industry. CISM validates the expertise and knowledge in promoting and operating an enterprise Information Security (infosec). CISM is accredited by ISACA which holds the proficiency of its 460,000 occupied experts in information and assurance, cybersecurity, risk, governance, and innovation. It contributes to running and creating a security system, escorted by the higher-paying jobs.

Why ISACA CISM Certification?


CISM certification has declared that its managers and employers are committed to team performance who value their expert opinion. Hence, most companies offer them impressive salary packages to give them safe solutions.

According to,

The average annual  salary of professionals with CISM certification is $128k

The salary range for the jobs related to CISM are mentioned below:

The headline comes with unique perks. These perks confer the person both in their present and future career. There is a reason why so many people take the CISM certification.

  1. Job Skills and Versatility
  2. Networking Skills
  3. Credible Policies
  4. Job Opportunities and Salary
  5. Challenging Job Environment
  6. Better Pay and Salary Increments:

CISM Curriculum

CISM certification validates your expertise in the following work-related domains.



Information Security Program Development and Management



Information Security Governance



Information Risk Management


Information Event MaManagement



CISM Examination Fee

Exam registration fees are based on the fellowship status during the exam registration.

• ISACA Member fee: US $575

 • ISACA Non-member fee: US $760

Exam registration fees are non-returnable.

How difficult is CISM Certification?

A CISM certification is trending and grants you global attention. But cracking the exam is a bit challenging. Amidst only a 50-60% first-time passing rate, it shows how difficult exams would be. Questions that appear in the exam are pretty complicated to test your professional expertise. Accordingly, preparation plays a vital role in clearing the exam.

Nevertheless, it is not impractical to pass the exam. Yet all the hard work and dedication pay off in the end.

Planning for an exam starts from studying smarter. Candidates need to design a proper study plan with appropriate resources.  Here are some of the resources that would help candidates in preparing for the exam.

  • Blockchain Framework and guidance
  • Risk IT Framework
  • Capabilities Maturity Model Integration
  • Business Model for Information Systems

Tips to crack the CISM exam

1. Design study plan

During designing your study plan, be practical about your profession and life commitments. Extra components to be considered while creating your study plan involve the following:

  • How soon you expect to catch the examination is a vital aspect before you start. Check out the perfect time for an exam that suits your schedule.
  • How much you can employ on training and course materials? Get certified study materials to ensure you have a precise conclusion of each topic included in the examination.
  • Get a clear picture of which training method suits you the most. Few people prefer self-learning or online training, while others believe that there is no replacement for the classroom.
  • Are you apprised of all the exam topics, this is what the candidates should consider before delving into the field.

2. Use of Effective resources

The official CISM Exam Resources should be given the first preference. The CISM Review handbook is usable as a hard copy as well as in an e-book setup. It is wide and accessible, as it is arranged according to CISM’s four job domains. The handbook highlights important elements such as task and knowledge reports, self-evaluation questions, and an extensive structure comprising all the exam concepts.

The latest variant has been renewed which includes new elements like "in-practice questions".

3. Take up exam preparation courses and join a student community.

Taking up a certification preparation course would be a great decision that helps you in extracting actual knowledge on how to beat CISM with an experienced tutor. It would be an exceptional chance to get all the doubts cleared, find exam preparation resources, and share better experiences. 

CISM exam study community is a great platform to get answers to all your questions. This platform was organized by the community directors to share study methods and tips for the exam.

4. Take practice exams

The CISM Review handbook sufficiently includes every inch of the exam content. It is available as a hard copy as well as a web-based support service. Yet, there is no backup when preparing for the CISM, you should attempt practice tests. The importance of practice tests is completely indisputable. Practice exams give you a specimen of the question patterns that you can expect during the actual exam. These tests contribute a lot to clear CISM certification at the first attempt.

The online variant can be used with an Internet connection and appear for the sample exams, extending from quick, 20-question rounds to adequate, 150-question simulations. Its record-racking trait promotes the task of recognizing both strengths and weaknesses based on particular areas or topics, assisting applicants to focus on study accordingly.

5. Exam-day preparation strategy

Is your exam material ready? Make sure you have kept everything ready that you need for your CISM exam day.

Are you relaxed and reclined? Physical and mental potency and liveliness are most important during the exam. Late-night studies before the examination may lead to anxiety which is not acceptable. Instead of spending time on weaknesses at the last moment, better focus on the specific topics that are most important. Using summaries would help you in selective reading that would boost your confidence.

Necessary arrangements to reach the exam site on time.

The mode of transportation plays an important role to reach the exam site on time. 

6. Let your mind be ready and alert.

Keep track of time while writing the exam. Greater focus on time is a problem-solving trick during the exam. Every second and every minute counts as hours tend to pass very quickly.

Analyzing and understanding the questions thoroughly and interpreting what is being asked is very important. You are supposed to pay more attention to multiple-choice questions which are tricky and confusing. Also, you have to concentrate on terms such as Always, Never, Not, Least, All, and More, considering they can change a whole sentence.

There is no reason to panic and lose concentration during the exam. Remaining calm and relaxed urges you to remember important points and details of the related topics.


Accelerate your career in the field of the cybersecurity industry with the CISM Certification. With the above-mentioned tips and top-notch training from Certification Planner, you are more likely to pass CISM certification on the first attempt.  Explore our CISM Certification Training catalog or reach out to us at or +1 8553221201 Happy Learning!




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